A Case of Measles in Chicago Has Been Identified at a Sam’s Club

By: Stephanie Bontorin | Published: Apr 22, 2024

Although measles was a once defunct illness, new waves of it have been popping up throughout the country. 

A possible measles exposure was identified in Chicago at a suburban Sam’s Club store. 

Health Officials Warning Public

The exposure was caught at a Sam’s Club located in Evergreen Park in a large Illinois suburb.

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Health officials are warning anyone who visited the store between the hours of 10 a.m. and 2:45 p.m. on April 9th to be aware of the exposure.

No Known Link to Outbreak at a Nearby Shelter

Another outbreak at a nearby homeless shelter, Pisen, caused by a large wave of immigrants and asylum seekers. 

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The exposure at Sam’s Club does not seem to be connected at this time, but rather, another independent case of the serious illness.

Those Vaccinated Do Not Need To Take Action

Anyone who has already been fully immunized against the virus does not need to take any immediate action.

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Currently, only people without proper vaccines need to worry about becoming infected with the measles.

Threat To Young Children

Unfortunately, kids under 5 are especially at risk of measles. Kids get a number of vaccines around the age of 5 that helps their immunity against several viruses.

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Before that age, they have naturally weak immune systems and can end up hospitalized or experiencing fatal symptoms. 

Completely Preventable With Vaccines

Public health authorities note that the prevalence of the measles is likely due to the increase of families foregoing normal vaccines for their kids.

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The U.S. was once a measles free country. Due to modern immunizations, the virus was eradicated for about 20 years.


Huge Spike in Cases in 2023

Last year, the virus spiked by 79% globally and killed around 130,000 people, many of them children.

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During the first two months of 2024, there were nearly two dozen cases reported around the U.S.


Increase Is Caused by Anti-Vaccine Movement

A new wave of vaccine hesitant parents has been increasing in recent years. Due to misinformation being spread during the pandemic, many people have become distrusting of all immunizations.

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Unfortunately, the amount of people skipping vaccines around the world has led to an increase in once eradicated diseases.


High Risks of Complications

Measles is an incredibly viral infection that can cause hospitalization and even death in serious cases. It mostly affects those younger than 5 and older than 30.

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Even after recovering from the illness, a person’s immune system will be forever damaged and weakened.


Travelers Are the Biggest Cause of the Measles

Traveling to areas where measles is commonplace, like parts of Africa, the Middle East, and Asia, can put unvaccinated people at risk for contracting the illness.

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In the past, many unvaccinated people have been disallowed from traveling to these parts of the world for this very fear. Otherwise healthy people can contract the illness and spread it to young children.


Outbreak at Pilsen Migrant Shelter

Nearby the suburbs of Evergreen Park, another community is experiencing a wide-spread measles outbreak.

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The migrant shelter, Pilsen, is currently experiencing a 10-day quarantine. Many asylum seekers have been locked inside of the facility in an attempt to mitigate the spread of the virus.


Health Authorities Urging Public To Get Vaccinated

Public health authorities in Chicago are urging the public to receive up-to-date vaccinations.

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Either Americans who previously refused vaccines or new immigrants from countries with less sophisticated healthcare are being asked to help protect themselves and those around them.