An American Man Among Those Killed in Deadly Greece Heatwave

By: Stephanie Bontorin | Published: Jun 26, 2024

Two French women and an American tourist have gone missing on the Greek island of Amorgos. Temperatures have reached well over 100 degrees Fahrenheit in the area, causing officials to fear that the three missing are dead.

The unseasonally hot weather in Greece, coupled with the growing danger of climate change, highlight a disturbing reality in today’s world: climbing temperatures will soon affect us all in devastating ways.

Several Tourists Have Already Died Due to Extreme Heat Wave

Reports from Europe show that the rising temperatures engulfing European islands over the past couple of weeks have resulted in several deaths of tourists trying to enjoy their summer vacations.

An aerial view of a deep blue sea shore next to a rocky island

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A British health guru named Michael Mosley went missing in June after going on a long walk by himself. His body was recovered several days later. It was suspected that without proper sun protection and water, Mosley suffered from heat stroke.

Ongoing Search and Rescue Mission

Currently, Greek officials are searching for the lost tourists who embarked on a hike together on the Amorgos.

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The soaring summer temperatures show how dangerous heat can be to the human body. Experts think that extreme heat will be the leading global public health challenge moving forward in the changing world.

A Deadly Hike

The latest disappearance marks a series of deadly hikes by American tourists in the area.

A rusty ship wreck in the water next to a steep hill on land

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Over the weekend, the body of a different American tourist was discovered on the small island of Mathraki. However, the cause of death has yet to be determined.

Worrying Temperatures in Europe

Last Saturday, a Dutch tourist was found dead on the island of Crete after his car was spotted on a cliff edge. It’s thought that the man got his car stuck and suffocated in the heat of the closed car.

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A spokesperson for the Southern Aegean Petros Vassilakis, told Reuters that, “There is a common pattern — they all went for a hike amid high temperatures.” Officials on the Aegean Sea and in the Greek islands are now warning tourists to keep an eye on the heat, pack extra water, and avoid long excursions.

Last Summer Had Similar Issues

2023 was the warmest year on record in Europe. Soaring temperatures caused many tourists to delay their vacations or experience extreme heat stress during travel.

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The heat wave is expected to continue throughout central Europe for the next month. In the States, record-breaking heat and summer snow are also expected across the nation.


Climate Related Deaths Are Rising

Experts note that the number of weather-related deaths has been steadily climbing since 1990. Although it’s difficult to pinpoint the connection to global warming, it’s clear that the trend is going to continue.

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Studies show that more than five million people per year die from heat-related injuries such as heat stroke and dehydration. Many of these deaths occur in cities where heat waves make it difficult for small children and the elderly to stay cool.


Brother of the Missing American Tourist Speaks Out

The three individuals went missing over the weekend, and as temperatures continue to rise in Greece, the hopes of returning alive get worse every day.

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The brother of the American tourist spoke to Greek and American officials to urge the US Government to help. He told CBS News on Tuesday that, “I know, probably, the chances are very slim, but if there’s that one percent… I just want to find my brother.”


More Information on the Missing Tourist

Albert Calibet, 59, is a retired police officer who happens to hold both American and French citizenship. His brother, who spoke with the press, was also in Greece at the time with a small group of family and friends.

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The family also posted a video on YouTube to ask for help with recovery efforts. They hope that anyone hiking in the area can keep an eye out for Albert who was previously active and in good health.


The Family Worries That Albert May Have Sustained an Injury

The Calibet family has been visiting the island in Greece for years, and although they haven’t been to this location for a while, they believed that Albert would be familiar with the trails.

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Sandrine Cutright, Calibet’s sister-in-law, says, “It doesn’t make sense. It’s like it swallowed him.” The family now believes that he must have sustained some injury that has prevented him from moving freely. As a first responder, they think that Calibet would have the foresight to stay away from dangerous heat or know how to seek shade and shelter.


The Heat Wave Forced Schools To Shut Down

Last month, the heat reached 104 degrees in Greece and caused several schools to shut down. Authorities say that the unexpected temperatures caught them off guard, and without proper practices, they will have difficulty treating heat-related injuries.

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For now, residents and visitors are being told to stay in the shade, drink plenty of water, and stay off hiking trails.


Information on the Missing French Women

Two French women were also reported missing over the weekend on a similar hiking trail. It’s unknown if Calibet was with them at any point in his journey.

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One of the women was able to contact the guest house owner where she stayed at on Friday night to ask for help. Ilias Gavanas, the owner of the home, told Reuters that the woman sent a photo indicating that she had fallen and injured herself.