Baristas Forced to Kick Out Customers After Finding Out the Chain Is Closing All Locations Effective Immediately

By: Ben Campbell | Published: May 01, 2024

Baristas who worked at a popular US coffee store, Foxtrot were forced to kick out and turn away customers after receiving news that all chains were closing with immediate effect. 

The coffee chain and convenience store unexpectedly announced they were closing all US locations in April “after exhausting” all efforts to find a solution to keep the business afloat. 

The Birth of Foxtrot Coffee

Foxtrot was founded in Chicago back in 2014 as a high-end coffee shop and convenience store.

An image of a Foxtrot coffee shop in the United States


The chain’s popularity increased with each passing year until it peaked at over 30 locations in cities, including Chicago, Dallas, Austin, and Washington, D.C. 

Foxtrot Coffee Announces Unexpected News

Customers and employees were shocked when the coffee chain unexpectedly announced that it would be closing all US locations. 

An image of a bag of Foxtrot coffee sitting behind the counter inside a cafe

Source: Foxtrot/Facebook

The news came suddenly on April 23, which was less than six months after Foxtrot revealed their Chicago-based boutique grocery store, Dom’s Kitchen and Market, per The Washington Post. 

Foxtrot Share a Statement to Social Media

In the wake of the announcement, the popular cafe took to social media to release a statement, revealing they had no choice but to close.

An image of a woman holding a coffee as she uses her smartphone

Source: Freepik

Foxtrot said it had ‘explored many avenues to continue the business but found no viable option despite good faith and exhaustive efforts,” per The Daily Mail.

Chicago-Based Coffee Company Thanks Customers During Statement

In the statement, a Foxtrot spokesperson thanked the customers for their loyalty over the years, writing, “We understand the impact it will have on you, our loyal customers, as well as our dedicated team members.”

A man is pictured buying several coffees from his local cafe

Source: Freepik

“We want to express our sincerest gratitude for your support and patronage throughout the years.”

Coffee Chain Issues an Apology

At the end of their statement, which was shared on both social media and their website, the coffee chain issued an apology for the untimely manner in which the news was announced. 

An image of a cup of coffee sitting atop a small counter in a Foxtrot cafe

Source: Foxtrot/Facebook

“We understand that this news may come as a shock, and we apologize for any inconvenience it may cause,” they wrote


Foxtrot Employees Forced to Kick Out Customers

Workers at locations across the US were forced to ask all customers on the premises to leave after arriving at work to receive the news that all Foxtrot cafes would be closing with immediate effect.

An image of a woman barista showing customers where the exit is

Source: Freepik

This led to dramatic scenes as many customers were forced to finish their beverages quickly before being shown to the door. 


Employee Shares Foxtrot

One former Foxtrot barista shared a video to TikTok showing how the closure unfolded in her cafe.

An image of two former employees of Foxtrot during their last day

Source: @sadkiwigirl/TikTok

“I Found out two hours before that our company was closing nationwide!!!” She continued, “Anyone know how to file for unemployment???”


TikTok Video Sheds Light on Foxtrot Closures

The TikTok video, shared by @sadkiwigirl, showcased the moment several employees of a Foxtrot location received the news that they no longer had a job.  

An image of a nearly empty Foxtrot cafe on the day of the company’s closure

Source: @sadkiwigirl/TikTok

“What do we tell them?” one staffer said moments before she was forced to ask them to leave to customers, while another said, “I want to call my dad.”


The Last Latte at Foxtrot

The video shows TikTok pouring the last latte ordered at the cafe before turning the camera around to show off an empty store. 

An image of a Foxtrot employee pictured with a purple-colored beverage

Source: @sadkiwigirl/TikTok

She’s heard saying, “Kicked out all the customers,” before showing off rows of empty chairs and tables. The baristas then toast their final day working for Foxtrot with two purple-colored beverages. 


Employees Formally Notified of Stores Foxtrots Closure

According to The Washington Post, employees were formally notified before midday on April 23 that all stores would officially be closing.

An image of a closed sign positioned outside of a cafe

Source: Freepike

Baristas were told they would only be paid through April 23 and that their health benefits would end a week later. 


Foxtrot Cafe Become the Next in a Slew of Store Closures

Foxtrot officially became the latest company to be forced to close stores in the US amid rising demand for e-commerce and persistent inflation. 

An image of a large Walgreens store with cars parked otuside

Source: Wikimedia

Companies including Walgreens, Rite Aid, and Bed, Bath & Beyond are but a few of the retailers who’ve been forced to close many stores. In total, around 5,500 stores closed in 2023, per The Daily Mail