Biden’s Green Energy Plan Is Headed for Disaster

By: Lauren Fokas | Published: Jun 15, 2024

Over the course of his four years in the Oval Office, US President Joe Biden has made several extreme promises to Americans, most of which are related to the nation’s dedication to building green energy sources.

One of these promises was that the US will have access to 30 gigawatts of offshore wind by 2030. However, it’s become glaringly apparent that is simply not going to happen.

Biden's Plan for Offshore Wind Farms

The Biden-Harris administration vowed that the United States would be functioning on 100% clean power by 2035 and have a net-zero emissions economy by 2050.

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Many argue that this plan was doomed from the start as changing the entire county’s energy use in just ten years is a nearly impossible task.

Studies Show that Biden and His Wind Farms Are Seriously Behind Schedule

Now, even those who believed in Biden’s plan for renewable energy are worried about the president’s ability to bring the proposal to fruition.

President Joe Biden sitting at his desk in the Oval Office, signing documents with a focused expression, wearing a blue suit and a striped yellow tie

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Biden originally said America would have 30 gigawatts of energy from wind farms by 2030, but a new study shows the country won’t even see 3 gigawatts within the next six years.

What's Blocking America's Wind Expansion?

The study, conducted by Westwood’s, found that there are essentially four reasons why America’s wind farms project is so behind schedule.

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Several big-name corporations have pulled their focus and funding away from wind farms, manufacturing capabilities are not as extensive as they need to be, the port infrastructure is inadequate, and so is the standardized floating technology.

Shell Is Pulling Back From Wind Farms

Shell, the gas and oil company which had expanded its portfolio to include the building of offshore wind farms, recently announced that it would be pulling back from the sector “within months.”

Shell gas station at night with illuminated signs and pumps.

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A spokesperson for the corporation explained, “We are concentrating on select markets and segments to deliver the most value for our investors and customers.” In other words, Shell is returning its attention to gas and oil. 

Wind Turbine Giant Siemens Gamesa Is Struggling to Keep Up

Additionally, Siemens Gamesa, a big name in the wind farm industry, is facing some serious financial troubles.

A woman walking past large Gamesa wind turbine parts lined up on a storage field, indicating the scale of wind energy components

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The company reported a dramatic loss of €4.6 billion in 2023, and have made the difficult decision to lay off nearly 15% of its employees.  


The Wind Turbine Industry Needs a Life Line

In addition to financial struggles, the other three factors negatively affecting the building of offshore wind farms are all infrastructure related.

A view of some wind turbines along a hill.

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Essentially, the industry needs extensive assistance to actually design, build, and run the farms Biden promised.


Biden Announced He Will Spend Another $48 Million to Accelerate Technology

On April 24, 2024, President Biden announced that he has heard the cries from the wind farm industry and offered further assistance from the government to make his plan a reality.

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The Biden administration said that they are now investing an additional $48 million into the project, to be used specifically for accelerating technology and improving manufacturing.


The Biden Administration Says the Sector Will Recover

Although all signs point to the fact that Biden’s wind farm plan will not come to fruition by 2030 or even 2035, his administration claims they are dedicated to ensuring it does.

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US Deputy Secretary of Energy David Turk explained, “The offshore wind sector is making rapid progress even in the face of macroeconomic challenges, poising the industry to create good jobs and supporting a clean, resilient energy system.”


Offshore Wind Is Only Powering 100,000 American Homes

Turk also noted, “Offshore wind is already powering over 100,000 American homes, and with the Offshore Wind Liftoff Report and new investments, the Biden-Harris Administration is helping deliver on the promise of this technology to rapidly scale over the coming years.”

A bird’s eye view of a San Francisco hill seen with many homes in the daytime.

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However, as there are more than 144 million American homes, a mere 100,000 is really nothing to brag about. If Biden really does want America powered by wind within the next decade, some serious changes need to be made.


Biden's Wind Farm Blunder Doesn't Bode Well for His Re-Election

Of course, any time a president makes a sweeping promise that they cannot keep, Americans are disappointed. And with the next presidential election right around the corner, Biden’s inability to turn his plans into reality could absolutely affect his re-election.

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Many environmentalists still believe the Biden is the better option for the planet, but those who have been on the fence May see this situation as proof Biden isn’t the man for the job.


Can the US Offshore Wind Industry Recover

Financial and regulatory issues and inadequate technology and infrastructure have certainly led to a disappointing few years in the offshore wind sector.

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However, Biden and his administration wholeheartedly believe that they can recover and get back on track if given another four years to do so in the White House. Whether or not that will happen, or if they’ll be able to turn things around is yet to be seen.