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ChatGPT Smart Glasses Help the Visually Impaired Understand the World Around Them

A smiling man with a beard, wearing smart glasses and a yellow shirt under an unbuttoned jacket, holds up a vinyl record cover

In the realm of assistive technology, a significant advancement has been made with the introduction of Envision Glasses. These AI-powered smart glasses are designed to aid individuals who are blind or have low vision. Utilizing the combined technologies of Chat GPT, Google Glass hardware, and 5G connectivity, Envision Glasses are engineered to process visual information swiftly and convert it into speech. 

This innovative tool offers a new level of independence to its users, as stated by Sam Seavy, creator of The Blind Life, a YouTube channel focusing on assistive technology. In a video from Business Insider, he emphasizes that the visually impaired community greatly values independence, and devices like Envision Glasses are instrumental in achieving that.

The functionality of Envision Glasses lies in their ability to translate visual data into audible information, enabling users to perceive their environment in ways previously unattainable. Sam Seavy shares his personal experience with these glasses, highlighting their impressive hardware and features. He notes the significance of a 5G connection for optimal performance, pointing out that the faster network speeds have markedly improved the glasses’ effectiveness. The enhancement brought about by 5G technology is crucial, as it allows for real-time processing and communication, essential for the visually impaired to navigate their surroundings safely and efficiently.

Karthik Kannan, the CTO of Envision Glasses, elaborates on the essential role of 5G in the operation of these glasses. He explains that several of the glasses’ features, especially the text scanning function, rely heavily on the speed and reliability of 5G networks. 

This feature enables users to scan and read various types of documents. The underlying AI technology is complex and requires the processing power of cloud computing, made feasible through 5G connectivity. This technology not only helps in reading text but also aids in identifying faces, describing surroundings, and facilitating video calls.

The concept for Envision Glasses originated from a visit to a blind school in India, where the founders were inspired by the children’s aspirations for greater independence and the ability to read more freely. This encounter sparked the development of Envision Glasses, aimed at addressing these specific needs. The glasses have since become a tool that transcends mere functionality, offering a new dimension of freedom for the visually impaired.

In his travels, Sam Seavy has found the Envision Glasses to be particularly helpful in situations where accessing printed materials is a challenge. He cites their usefulness in reading signs, menus, and price tags when he is out exploring. The ability to interact with his environment, similarly to a sighted person, has greatly enhanced his quality of life. Envision Glasses have thus become more than just an assistive device; they represent a significant step forward in enabling the visually impaired to experience the world more fully.

Envision Glasses mark a significant advancement in technology aimed at improving the lives of the visually impaired. Their development reflects a deep understanding of the needs and challenges faced by this community. As technology continues to evolve, it is expected that such innovations will continue to emerge, further aiding individuals in overcoming barriers and enhancing their ability to engage with the world around


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