Colorado Pro-life Candidate Asked About Girlfriend’s Abortion In Interview

By: Sam Watanuki | Published: Jun 20, 2024

Colorado legislator Richard Holtorf is a leading Republican candidate in the upcoming June 25 primary who is a bit of hot water.

Despite his pro-life stance, Holtorf admitted to funding an abortion for his girlfriend during college. The news has led to intense scrutiny and debates about his beliefs and political actions.

A Heated Exchange

In a recent interview, Holtorf was confronted about his contradictory actions. When asked why he voted to restrict abortion access, Holtorf claimed he didn’t seek to deny women the right.

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However, he admitted to voting for legislation that restricts abortion, sparking further questions about his true stance.

Holtorf’s Defense

Holtorf defended his actions by stating he believes in choosing life but acknowledges there should be exceptions.

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“I have voted to restrict abortion access with legislation,” Holtorf said, emphasizing that his votes align with his personal beliefs about life and exceptions in restrictive policies.

Personalizing the Debate

The interview took a personal turn when Holtorf was asked if one of the exceptions to his stance was when he was the father. Holtorf firmly responded, “No! It’s not about me!”

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He urged not to personalize the issue, emphasizing that his decisions were based on broader principles rather than personal experiences.

Revelations on the House Floor

Holtorf first disclosed his past actions during a speech on the state House floor in January.

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He shared that he had supported his girlfriend’s decision by giving her money for the procedure, respecting her right to choose during a critical time in her life.

Supposedly Supporting a Girlfriend’s Decision

Holtorf elaborated on his experience in a Facebook post, calling it “the saddest moment of my life.” He respected his girlfriend’s decision, despite it being against his personal beliefs.

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This candid disclosure has added even more complexity to his pro-life image.


Adoption Over Abortion

Holtorf also revealed that another girlfriend chose to give up their child for adoption.

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This decision, he stated, was different from his previous experience and aligns more closely with his pro-life beliefs, highlighting the diverse outcomes of unintended pregnancies in his life.


The Political Landscape

As a leading candidate to succeed Rep. Ken Buck, Holtorf’s past actions and current stance on abortion are under intense scrutiny.

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His revelations and the ensuing debates will likely influence voters in the upcoming primary, making his stance on abortion a pivotal issue.


Lauren Boebert’s Involvement

Holtorf’s competition includes Lauren Boebert, who has her own share of controversies. Boebert is opting to run for the seat rather than seek re-election in a more competitive district.

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This adds another layer of complexity to the race, with both candidates facing significant public and media attention.


Holtorf’s Broader Political Views

Beyond abortion, Holtorf’s political views and legislative actions are also in focus.

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As voters evaluate his candidacy, his overall track record and stance on various issues will play a crucial role in the primary election outcome.


Public and Media Reaction

The public and media have reacted strongly to Holtorf’s revelations. Some criticize him for hypocrisy, while others commend his honesty and respect for personal choice.

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This polarized reaction reflects the broader national debate on abortion and women’s rights.


Looking Ahead to the Primary

With the primary quickly approaching, Holtorf’s candidacy remains under the spotlight. His past actions and current political stance will continue to be key topics of discussion.

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The outcome of the primary will reveal how voters weigh his personal experiences against his legislative record.