Congresswoman MTG Says EVs Will Raise Gas Prices for Americans

By: Lauren Fokas | Published: Jun 17, 2024

Marjorie Taylor Queen, or MTG for short, is certainly one of the most controversial members of Congress in America.

She is known for her strong opinions and right-wing policies, but now she’s making headlines for a wildly confusing comment regarding electric vehicles. MTG told Americans that they will be paying more for gas once EVs rule the road, which is simply inaccurate.

MTG's Introduced Trump With a Strange Speech

On Sunday, June 9, 2024, MTG gave a strange speech at a Trump rally before the former president and candidate for 2024 took the stage.

Marjorie Taylor Greene, animated and speaking with emphasis, dressed in a black outfit with a lit backdrop in shades of blue during a public address

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As a staunch Trump supporter, it was no surprise that MTG was chosen to present the Republican candidate, but what she said was certainly shocking.

What Did MTG Say About EVs?

MTG decided to use this platform to express her opinions on Biden’s push for America to transition to electric vehicles.

An image of a Tesla charging with a Tesla supercharger with Marjorie Taylor Greene in the bottom left-hand corner talking into some microphones.

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She shouted into the microphone, “If you think gas prices are high now, just wait until you’re forced to drive an electric vehicle.” Her audience was clearly confused, some apparently booing in agreement, while others stood silently.

Does MTG Know How EVs Work?

The way MTG worded her comment makes it seem as though she believes gas prices will increase if Americans switch to electric vehicles.

A photograph of an electric vehicle charging at a charging station

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Of course, electric vehicles don’t need gasoline to function; they run entirely on electricity from charging ports. Leaving many to wonder: Does MTG know how EVs work?

Will More EVs on the Road Mean Higher Gas Prices?

From an economics standpoint, MTG’s comment is essentially gibberish. Although the gasoline economy is certainly tumultuous and can change at any time, it’s wildly unlikely that more EVs would mean higher gas prices.

A faceless man pumps gas into his car

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According to the laws of supply and demand, if less Americans were using gas to power their cars, that would mean there was more gas readily available. Therefore, it would be less expensive, not more.

Stephen King Says "You Can't Make This Crap Up"

Since MTG’s speech went viral, the internet has absolutely erupted with responses. As with any controversy, there seem to be two typical responses. One which supports the Congresswoman’s statement, and another that finds it absolutely ridiculous.

A photograph of Stephen King speaking into a microphone at an event

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Beloved novelist Stephen King, posted on his X, formerly Twitter, page, “MTG: “If you think gas prices are high now, wait til they make you buy an electric vehicle.” You can’t make this crap up.”


Some Are Defending Republican MTG's EV Comment

While the vast majority of Americans, even many Republicans, are speaking out against MTG’s comment, arguing there is no evidence to support such a claim, others are showing the Congresswoman infallible support.

Marjorie Taylor Greene holding a microphone.

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However, even those who are standing by MTG can’t logically explain what she meant by the comment. The only seemingly reasonable way gas prices could increase with more EV sales is if the government chooses to get involved.


One Conspiracy Theory Says the US Government Is Increasing Gas Prices to Encourage EV Sales

There is one conspiracy theory circulating among MTG and Trump supporters which states that the US government, currently led by President Biden, is purposefully increasing gas prices to drive up EV sales.

A close-up of high gas prices near a palm tree in the daytime in California.

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Of course, it’s no secret that Democratic President Biden wants America to transition to EVs as soon as possible. But if he and his administration really were gauging gas prices to do so, the American public would be enraged.


President Biden Has Been Clear: He Wants America to Run on EVs

President Biden has made it part of his mission during his four years in the Oval Office to transition America from gas-powered vehicles to electric ones in order to save the planet from climate change.

President Joe Biden delivering a speech from a podium in the White House, with the American flag in the background

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And while the President has certainly implemented a variety of incentives for auto manufacturing companies and individuals alike, there is no evidence to show that he has manipulated the price of gasoline to get what he wants.


Is MTG Right: Are EVs More Expensive Than Gas-Powered Cars?

Some who support MTG argue that what she meant with her inaccurate comment was not that gas will be more expensive. Instead, that owning and operating an electric vehicle will cost the American consumer more than they are currently paying to fill their gas-powered car.

A vibrant green-painted ground marking with a white icon of an electric car and a plug

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However, even if this is the case, MTG is still wrong. Expert economists from around the country all agree that owning an EV will actually save the average American money.


EVs Are Cheaper Than Gas-Powered Cars

A study conducted by the University of Michigan reported that “electric vehicles are less expensive than gas-powered vehicles.” And a study from the Atlas Public Policy found the same.

A man in a black winter jacket and cap is plugging a charger into the front charging port of a white electric vehicle. The vehicle is parked outdoors with a backdrop of snow-covered ground and a residential setting

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Nick Nigro, the lead author of the Atlas Public Policy report explained, ““If a consumer walks into a dealership and wants to buy one of these electric vehicles today, they can walk out with certainty that they’re going to save money by doing so.”


MTG Was Looking to Excite and Enrage Trump Supporters

As the 2024 US presidential election is right around the corner, members of both parties are trying their absolute best to turn any American on the fence against the other side.

Former President Donald Trump standing on stage at a rally with a 'KEEP AMERICA GREAT!' banner in the background, with supporters cheering in the foreground

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And because Biden is extremely pro EVs and Donald Trump is against them, it seems that MTG wanted to use her time with the microphone to encourage even more disdain for the Democratic president. While there is no evidence to support MTG’s statement, it probably did what she wanted it to do.