Don’t Expect Trump to Be On Board with Any ‘Vile’ Student Loan Forgiveness Programs, If Elected

By: Sam Watanuki | Published: Jun 30, 2024

Former President Donald Trump has made his position on student loan forgiveness clear.

At a campaign rally in Wisconsin, he labeled President Biden’s forgiveness efforts as “vile.” Trump believes these programs are illegal and purely political stunts.

Trump’s Wisconsin Rally Remarks

During his speech in Wisconsin, Trump criticized Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan, claiming it was “throwing money out the window.”

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He emphasized that the program is not legal and suggested that it fails to gain traction among students.

Trump’s Critique of Biden’s Poll Numbers

Trump also pointed to Biden’s declining poll numbers, especially among young voters.

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He asserted that he is leading in this demographic with unprecedented numbers, despite a Harvard Youth Poll showing Biden leading among 18 to 29-year-olds at 45% compared to Trump’s 37%.

Supreme Court’s Rejection of Biden’s Plan

Trump referred to the Supreme Court’s decision last summer that struck down Biden’s initial broad student loan forgiveness attempt.

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He predicted that Biden’s revised plan would face the same fate, describing it as an attempt to gain publicity for the upcoming election.

Biden’s New Strategy for Debt Relief

After the Supreme Court decision, Biden’s Education Department pursued a new route for debt relief using the Higher Education Act of 1965.

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This process involves negotiations with stakeholders and a period of public comment before any relief is implemented.

Implementation Plans and Potential Lawsuits

The public-comment period has concluded, and the Education Department plans to start implementing relief this fall, potentially benefiting over 30 million Americans.

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However, conservative groups are likely to challenge the plan in court, which could delay or block the relief.


Election Uncertainty and Student Loan Forgiveness

The presidential election adds uncertainty to the future of student loan forgiveness.

President Joe Biden stands at a podium with a smile, with a sign reading "CANCELING STUDENT DEBT" and the Presidential seal in the background

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If Biden wins, his administration is expected to continue debt relief efforts. However, Trump’s opposition suggests he would cease these initiatives if elected.


Trump’s Historical Opposition to Debt Relief

This is not the first time Trump has criticized student debt relief. He previously called Biden’s first attempt an “election enhancing money grab.”

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Following the Supreme Court decision, his campaign highlighted that the ruling was possible due to his appointment of three Supreme Court justices.


Biden Administration’s Continued Efforts

Despite opposition, Biden’s Education Department is moving forward with its relief efforts.

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The department maintains that all actions are in accordance with the law and the Supreme Court’s decision.


The SAVE Plan and Debt Cancellation

Alongside broader relief efforts, the Education Department began canceling student debt for borrowers on the SAVE plan.

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Borrowers who originally borrowed $12,000 or less and made at least 10 years of qualifying payments are eligible for this relief.


Legal Challenges from GOP State Attorneys

GOP state attorneys general have launched lawsuits seeking to block the SAVE plan and other relief efforts.

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However, a final court decision has yet to be issued, leaving the future of these programs in limbo.


Trump’s Firm Stance

Trump’s clear and firm stance against student loan forgiveness is evident. If elected, he is unlikely to support any broad debt cancellation efforts.

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The ongoing debate is just one of many examples of the political and legal complexities surrounding student loan forgiveness in the United States.