‘Golden Age’ Is Coming Soon: Spiritual Healer Who Was Clinically Dead for 3 Days Reveals What It’s Like to Go to Heaven

By: Lauren Fokas | Published: Jul 02, 2024

Although there are certainly theories, the truth is that no one actually knows what happens after we die. Even those who claim to have come back from the dead with the answer are often questioned by others, as no one can know for sure if their memory is accurate or more of a dream or hallucination.

However, one woman in particular is absolutely convinced that her experience, where she spent three days in heaven after a suicide attempt, was real in every sense of the word. She says that angels in another realm told her it wasn’t her time and gave a rough estimate as to when Earth would experience the next Golden Age.

Julie Poole’s Story: Three Days in Heaven

Julie Poole, who is now 61 years old, had a life-changing near-death experience when she was only 21. Poole recently told her story on the Life After Death podcast on YouTube, and her telling of her time on the “other side” is nothing short of extraordinary.

A screenshot of Julie Poole during an interview with the Life After Life podcast

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Poole first explained that by the young age of 21, she had already experienced “physical, mental, sexual, and emotional abuse” that led her to want to end her life.

Meeting the Angels Above

After ingesting a lethal dose of painkillers, Poole reports that she had an “out of body experience” in which she was transported to the “spiritual realm.” On Earth, Poole was in a coma, but in spirit, she was being greeted by angels.

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Poole explained, “I suddenly saw my guides and my angels around me, and then they lifted me up and took me up to the Higher Realms. I just remember saying, ‘I’m going home.’”

The Angels Had Several Messages for Julie Poole

When retelling her story, Poole also noted that the angels continued to guide her to what she calls “a higher realm.” During that venture, the angels kept speaking to Poole, explaining what had happened to her and why she couldn’t die just yet.

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The angels also told Poole that, although she had already experienced three lifetimes’ worth of suffering, it wasn’t her time to die. They said to her, “We did warn you it would be too hard and too overwhelming, and now here you are at 21 trying to check out.”

The Angels in the Afterlife Didn’t Just Tell Poole About Herself

Interestingly, the angels in the spiritual realm didn’t just tell Poole about her own experience on Earth; they also told her one very important piece of information about the future.

Painting by the French artist Claude Lorrain (1600s) show beautiful, peaceful, imaginary views of a "Golden Age"

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They said that a new “Golden Age” would be coming for humankind sometime between 2012 and 2032. Remember, Poole had this experience in the 1980s. But the angels didn’t stop there; they also explained what the Golden Age would look like.

The New Golden Age Will Mean Equality for All

According to Poole’s account of her conversation with the angels, they said, “What we mean by the Golden Age is that for millennia now there has been an enormous amount of power abuse and control… all of that has been held by the few [which have] controlled the masses.”

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The angels continued, “This Golden Age is bringing an equality across the board, so that which is false and fake and untrue and corrupt will fall away.”


A Day of Reckoning Is Coming

Poole expressed during the interview that she was told a “day of reckoning” is coming before 2032. She believes that day will look like “Armageddon” and all “evil global leaders” will lose their power.

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Poole continued, “[The global leaders are] getting caught and kicked out, and people that have a pure heart [and] pure intentions are coming instead.”


Julie Poole Dedicated Her Life to Her Spiritual Practice

After waking up alive after her suicide attempt and consequential time in the spiritual realm, Julie Poole decided to dedicate her life to understanding and spreading the messages she received from the angels.

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Over the past forty years, she has become a tarot card reader, spiritual and personal empowerment coach, psychic, channeller, hypnotherapist, energy healer, teacher, and even an author.


Julie Poole’s Famous Book “From Hoping to Having”

Poole wrote the book From Hoping to Having to best share her message with the world. According to Poole, the book gives “Step-by-step instructions to create your best life from a place of empowerment and liberation. It is The Ultimate Law of Attraction Guidebook.” She writes that everyone and anyone can get the life they want by manifesting what they want into reality.

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While there are certainly many who won’t believe Poole’s experience or her manifestation methods, thousands of others truly do relate to the author and self-proclaimed spiritual leader.


Poole Isn’t the Only Person to Experience the “Spiritual Realm”

Of course, Julie Poole isn’t the only person to have some kind of spiritual realization during a near-death experience.

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There have even been studies conducted on why this happens to try to rationalize how some people encounter religious, mystical, or divine figures on “the other side.”


People Tell Their Own Spiritual Experiences

One popular blogger, Rita Ojal, shared her story on the Magic Is Real podcast. She explained that she have had not one but three separate near-death experiences, each of which produced a different spiritual experience.

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Once, she hallucinated photographs of her loved ones and “felt [the] experience of becoming an expansive field, and felt like one with everything.” Another time, she saw two loved ones who had passed, pushing her back into the world. And finally, she felt an incredible strength while being strangled that enabled her to save her own life.


Will Humans Ever Know What Happens After We Die?

Millions of people believe they know what happens after we die, either because of instructions from their religious gods or leaders or because they had or heard about an experience that felt too real to be untrue.

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However, without concrete evidence, it is impossible to say with scientific certainty exactly what happens when we leave these bodies behind. Though one thing is for sure: We will all find out eventually.