Here Is How (And Why) Posture Is So Important to Improving Health

By: Julia Mehalko | Published: Mar 07, 2024

It’s essential to have good posture throughout your day — for a variety of reasons. First, your overall health can greatly improve if you take the time to fix any bad posture you may have. However, straightening your back and standing tall has also proven to help with everything from better breathing to fewer headaches.

Therefore, a good posture can really change your life. Many people go throughout their daily lives not even realizing their posture needs some correctly. Thankfully, fixing your posture is easy to do.

Take A Look At Your Posture

Are you ready to change your posture for the better? It’s helpful to start by taking a good look at what your posture naturally is. Using a floor-length mirror can help get the job done.

A man sitting at a desk, slouched slightly, on a laptop while looking out the window.

Source: Yasmina H/Unsplash

Pay attention to how you naturally hold your back, your neck, your feet — everything about your stance. If you feel you can’t easily evaluate your own posture, ask a loved one, friend, or even a doctor for some assistance and pointers.

How To Easily Improve Your Posture

Once you understand how you naturally move about, it’s time to start fixing it. You don’t want any rounded shoulders, slouched backs, or heads leaning forward.

A man slouching over a tablet while at work, a person beside him, and a computer in front of him.

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Instead, stand tall. Straighten your spine completely. Move your shoulders to where they would naturally rest, ensuring they are not up by your ears or tense. You should also slightly tighten your stomach muscles. With a good posture, you’ll be using these muscles.

Make Sure You Stretch Daily

Stretching daily can greatly improve your overall health alongside correcting your posture. As bad posture can increase the chance of health issues such as heartburn and constipation, stretching daily truly will change your body.

A man outside on a track by grass stretching by touching his foot with his two hands.

Source: Alora Griffiths/Unsplash

There are many different types of stretches that can aid your spine and neck. The goal is to move your body, increase your flexibility, and remove any muscle tension you might have.

Strengthen Your Core Muscles

Keeping strong core muscles is a necessary step in fully correcting your posture. When you have strong core muscles, it’s easier for your body to maintain a proper posture throughout your day, no matter what you’re doing.

A woman on a mat inside by floor-length windows does a plank.

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To strengthen your core, work out daily or a few times a week. Keep it consistent. Focus on exercises that help develop your abdominal and lower back muscles, such as Russian twists and planks.

Invest In Proper Shoes

Shoes that don’t give you enough support may be why your posture has been suffering. To fully correct your posture, therefore, you’re going to need proper shoes.

A person pulls down their pant hem at their ankle while outside, the focus on their white shoes.

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Look for shoes that offer you accurate arch support and comfortable cushioning. These shoes should form to the natural shape and curves of your feet. If you have painful posture problems, don’t buy any flat shoes or ones that have high heels. Get shoes with moderate heels instead.


Set Up A Comfortable Workspace

If you work at a desk all day, chances are your posture has suffered over time. It’s easy to slouch your back and shoulders while working at a desk. So, to keep your posture accurate even while you’re at work, try creating a comfortable workspace.

A woman sits at a table while on her computer.

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Investing in a comfortable desk chair that sits at an accurate height is very helpful. When you sit at your desk, your knees should be at a 90-degree angle, while your feet should be resting flat on the floor. Keep your chair close enough to your computer, and your monitor at eye level.


Take Walking Breaks While At Work

Try not to stay at your desk for eight hours straight. Instead, break up your work with regular breaks throughout the day. During this time, you can stretch slightly to loosen up any tense muscles that may have formed while working.

A man sitting at a desk stretching with his hands on his head, a computer in front of him.

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It can also be helpful to take a quick walk around during this break. Even if this walk is only to the break room and back, it can give you the time to readjust your posture and loosen up.


Don’t Get Tech Neck

Have you heard of tech neck? Those who have tech neck have pain in their neck and shoulders thanks to poor posture when using their phones or computers. Obviously, this isn’t ideal.

A woman in glasses in front of a computer uses her phone.

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To avoid getting tech neck, it’s important to understand the proper way to use technology. Hold all your phones and tablets at or near eye level. This can keep you from straining your neck.


Stay Hydrated

If you’re ever looking to improve any aspect of your health, you’ll probably be told to stay hydrated throughout the day. Drinking the accurate amount of water each day can greatly help your entire body — and your posture.

A woman holding a laptop also holds a clear water bottle.

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On average, men should drink about 15.5 cups of water a day. Women, meanwhile, should drink about 11.5 cups a day. Drink this amount of water consistently, and you’ll begin to naturally see your posture improve.


Be Mindful Of Your Actions

Having a deeper awareness of your body and how you sit or stand can greatly help you improve your posture — and your overall health. So, try your best to be more mindful of your actions and your body.

A woman doing tai chi outside in the green grass by green trees.

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Partaking in yoga or tai chi are great ways to develop this type of awareness. Both practices are also wonderful when it comes to steering clear of slouching, too.


Create A Habit

Most people don’t think about their posture throughout the day — until they suddenly remember and quickly straighten their neck and back. To truly improve your posture, it’s important to create a habit of reminding yourself throughout the day to correct how you sit or stand.

A woman waking up and stretching while still in bed, a window behind her.

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Try your best to be mindful throughout your day about your posture. It might help to leave little notes around your workplace or home reminding you to straighten your body. Investing in comfortable desk chairs or pillows can also help you remember.