Massive Pile of Meat Dumped on the Side of Ohio Road in Bizarre Mystery

By: Kate Row | Published: Jun 02, 2024

A meaty mystery has appeared on the side of a road in Washington County, Ohio.

A huge pile of unknown meat was dropped on the side of the road. Such a simple act brings on so many bizarre questions. Who left the meat? Why was it left at the side of the road? And, what type of meat is it?

When Was the Mystery Meat Discovered?

Waiting to be discovered by someone, the meat lay sadly on the ground. Until someone came across the bizarre sight.

Downtown Marietta and the Muskingum River in July 2006

Source: Tim Kiser/Wikipedia

On May 10th, 2024, Captain Eric Hunter at the Washington County Sheriff’s Office was the person who told Dispatch about the conundrum. The report then led to the meat finally being identified. But what, exactly, was it?

The Meat Revealed

Captain Hunter revealed that the mystery meat contained a whole array of meats. The heap consisted of chicken, hot dogs, steaks, ribs, and shrimp.

Hotdog with mustard on a white background

Source: Renee Comet/Czar/Wikimedia Commons

Hunter said that the meat looked as though it was “from somebody’s freezer or refrigerator.” It is unknown how long the meat was left there, but presumably no longer than one night. If left any longer, many animals could have eaten the meat before it would have started to rot.

How Did the Meat Get Removed?

Of course, the authorities of Washing County couldn’t leave the meat there to rot and smell up the area.

A Volunteer move waste after cleaning a blocked water channel

Source: Samuelbab/Wikimedia Commons

Grandview Township Trustees started to remove the leftover meat but animals started to eat it, trying to beat the cleaners. The animals then started to spread it out as they grabbed parts and ran away, making the mess even worse.

Who Dumped the Meat?

So, where did the meat come from, and who did the dumping?

Back alley with restaurant and shop waste dumpsters in Melbourne CBD (Central Business District), Victoria, Australia.

Source: Marek Ślusarczyk (Tupungato)/Wikimedia Commons

The meat dumper is currently unknown. Since it is such a large amount of food, it can be assumed it could be a restaurant or a shop that had excess food and instead of an employee correctly disposing of it, they just left it on the side of the road. Maybe they assumed animals would eat it all overnight.

Why Would Someone Dump a Pile of Meat?

A massive pile of meat found on the side of the road isn’t something that happens every day. Laziness is the biggest suspicion of why someone would do this.

The kitchen of Gordon Ramsay's Petrus in Knightsbridge. Photographed in August 2011.

Source: Nick Webb/Wikipedia

It could have also been because of the cost for a restaurant to properly dispose of certain meats. Since it was all mixed up, it could be assumed the meat was previously in a bin and then ditched.


Social Media Reactions

Of course, after pictures and videos of the meat were circulated around the internet, there have been many comments.

Supermarket meat, North America Chicken wings, chicken legs, turkey breast strips, etc.

Source: Raysonho @ Open Grid Scheduler/Grid Engine/Wikipedia

One Reddit user speculated, “Maybe expired and someone didn’t want to pay for disposal?” Another joked, “Oh no… that’s just offal!” The meat mound may be a mystery but at least the internet will always find ways to joke about it.


Ohio Meat Disposal Rules

Like every other state, Ohio has its rules about how to properly dispose of meat for health and safety regulations.

Container for Non-Recyclable Waste and Container for Organic Recyclable Waste.

Source: Daniel Capilla/Wikimedia Commons

The residents of the nearby area are concerned that the meat could pose serious health threats to animals and humans. This concern is very valid, as the dumped meat is very close to a nearby stream. Fortunately, Joshua Lane of the Washington County Health Department stated that the meat won’t harm anyone.


Rotting Meat Problems

No one likes rotting meat, especially a rather large pile of it. However, it can also create some issues beyond smelling bad.

Color-enhanced scanning electron micrograph showing Salmonella Typhimurium (red) invading cultured human cells.

Source: Rocky Mountain Laboratories/Wikipedia

As it rots, toxins spread, causing horrible things such as food poisoning. Hopefully, no one in Ohio is eating this meat, but the wildlife surrounding it may get sick and cause some deaths while they scavenge it. 


Strange Curiosities Dumped in Ohio

Strangely enough, this isn’t the most unusual item to be dumped in a city in Ohio.

Mummy laying down in the British Museum exhibit.

Source: Klafubra/Wikipedia

A small town called ‘The Eden of Ohio” has a real-life mummy that was just a man who had died on the side of the road. The man’s identity was unknown, and he ended up being on display for 36 years.


Meat Dumped in England

America isn’t the only place to have a mystery meat dump near a forest.

selection of uncooked red meat, pork and poultry, including beef, chicken, bacon and pork chops.

Source: Unknown photographer/Wikipedia

In Stockport, in the north of England, large piles of raw meat were left around the town almost every week. The chicken and red meat were cleaned up as soon as it was reported. Eventually, whoever was dumping the meat and worrying neighbors stopped just out of the blue.


Food Waste in America

In America, nearly 60 million tons of food are wasted every year. This is said to be around 40% of the country’s food supply.

Fruit and vegetables in a dumpster, discarded uneaten.

Source: OpenIDUser2/Wikipedia

It is concerning why this much food is wasted and how overconsumption has become such a problem. This waste doesn’t just lie on the consumer but the companies who are overproducing the food that is just not needed. It’s no wonder someone had so much meat to dump!