Mislabeled Frozen Pizzas Urgently Recalled in These 7 States

By: Lauren Fokas | Published: May 04, 2024

Thanks to a routine investigation by the Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service, an unmarked allergen was found in nearly 8,000 pounds of frozen pizza being sold across seven states.

The pizza, manufactured by 802 VT Frozen, contains soy products but does not mention them as an ingredient on the packaging. Therefore, customers are being asked to either return or discard the pizza to ensure no one with a soy allergy accidentally eats it.

The 802 VT Frozen Pizza Recall

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) released a statement on April 26, 2024, which stated, “802 VT Frozen, a Newport, Vt. establishment, is recalling approximately 8,221 pounds of frozen meat pizza due to misbranding and undeclared allergens.”

The USDA recalled meat pizza by 802 VT Frozen

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The statement described the product as a “17.8-oz. cardboard box containing ‘802 VT Frozen MEAT!!! CRISPY WOOD-FIRED CRUST HAND MADE PIZZA’ with ‘best if used by’ dates of April 25, 2024, through April 25, 2025 [that] bear the establishment number ‘EST. 46308.'”

The Recalled Pizzas Were Sold Across Seven States

The USDA also mentioned that the recalled pizzas were sold in seven states: New Hampshire, Maine, Rhode Island, New York, Vermont, Connecticut, and Massachusetts.

A map of the United States in blue with black dots on seven states: Connecticut, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont, Rhode Island, and New York

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They encouraged anyone who lives in or shops in these seven states to check their freezers immediately to find out if they purchased one of the recalled pizzas.

802 VT Pizza Is Commonly Purchased From Walmart

About 8,221 contaminated frozen pizzas are currently in circulation, so thousands of people will certainly find one in their freezers.

Photograph of a freezer at Walmart full of frozen pizzas

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The recalled 802 VT Frozen pizzas were sold at many locations throughout the northeast, including dozens of Walmarts.

Many Stores Are Offering a Refund for the Recalled Pizza

People who do find one of these pizzas in their freezers are encouraged to get rid of the pizza immediately. One option is to return the pizza to the store where they bought it, most of whom are prepared to give a full refund for the contaminated product.

Folded up receipt that reads “Keep this receipt for return/exchange”

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For those who decide not to return the pizza, the USDA recommends throwing it away in the trash immediately.

Why Were the 802 VT Pizzas Recalled?

It’s important to note that the 802 VT Frozen recalled pizzas are not technically toxic. They were recalled because the Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety (FSIS) found soy allergens within the pizza, which were not disclosed on the package.

A young boy takes an EpiPen out of his lunchbox

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This means that the pizzas could cause incredible harm to both adults and children with soy allergies who eat the pizza unknowingly.


Signs of Allergic Reactions

Soy allergies are quite common these days, especially in children. After ingesting soy, those who are allergic could experience a wide variety of reactions, some mild and others severe.

A woman’s arm clearly shows a red rash, likely from an allergic reaction

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Allergic reactions to soy can result in hives, vomiting, diarrhea, wheezing and shortness of breath, and sometimes even anaphylaxis or death.


How Does the FSIS Find Unmarked Allergens?

The only reason why the USDA was able to make this important announcement and possibly save many lives or at least unfortunate reactions is because the FSIS found the unmarked soy product in a routine check.

A scientist at the USDA checks products in a lab for contamination and allergens

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The organization is responsible for checking the safety of all meat, poultry, and egg products sold in the United States, so it’s certainly a big undertaking and crucial to the health and safety of every American consumer.


The Percentage of Americans With Allergies Has Increased

The USDA and the FSIS work tirelessly to ensure that all food sold within the country is safe for consumption and properly labeled. While contaminated food may sound like more of a liability than checking for allergens, allergens are also exceptionally cornering.

Blurry photograph of a large group of people walking up the street

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According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA), there are now more than 100 million Americans who experience allergies every year, the most common of which are food allergies. Additionally, hospital visits for symptoms related to food allergies increased by 300% from 1993 to 2006.


Children Tend to Have More Food Allergies Than Adults

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that around 8% of children have a food allergy. Some children outgrow their allergies, but not everyone.

Photograph of a mother, father, and young daughter eating dinner together at the kitchen table

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However, children aren’t the only ones in danger. The AAFA reported that 45% of people actually contract an allergy after the age of 17, which means adults have to be attentive to their physical responses, even with foods they’ve previously enjoyed.


The USDA Has Announced More Recalls Recently Than Ever Before

Because allergies and the consequent symptoms have increased over recent years, the USDA has had its work cut out for them, ensuring that no product sold in the United States contains unmarked allergens.

The USDA symbol added to all US products inspected and approved by the FSIS

Source: USDA

In 2023, the USDA issued more than 300 food recalls, about half of which were needed thanks to the detection of undisclosed allergens like wheat, nuts, and sesame. Sadly, 1,100 Americans still got sick that year from mislabeled food, and six even lost their lives.


Always Check the USDA Website for Food Recalls

Now would be a great time to check your freezer for any contaminated 802 VT Frozen pizzas and discard them immediately.

Photograph from the USDA showing a spatula flipping steak on a grill with the words “Recalls & Public Health Alerts”

Source: USDA

 But even more importantly, this story should be a reminder to all Americans, especially those with allergies, that it’s exceptionally important to check the USDA website regularly to ensure that none of the products in your home are mislabeled.