This Optical Illusion Reveals If You Are Volatile in Nature

By: Georgia McKoy | Published: Jan 25, 2024

Some believe that optical illusions serve as intriguing gateways into the human psyche. According to TikTok user Mia Yilin, this optical illusion can reveal a person’s temperament based on their initial perception. 

The illusion involves a black-and-white sketch, which, depending on what viewers see first, categorizes them as either levelheaded or volatile.

The Dual Perception: A Woman Young or Old

The central element of this optical illusion is a sketch that allows for the visualization of two distinct images: a glamorous younger woman or an elderly lady. 

A black and white image featuring a famous dual-image optical illusion. Depending on the viewer's perception, it can appear as either a young woman with a feathered hat, looking away into the distance, or as an old lady with a large nose and chin, looking down

Source: mia_yilin/TikTok

Yilin, in her TikTok video with over 46,000 views, explains that what one sees first in this monochromatic image is indicative of their temperament. 

Perceiving the Elderly Woman: A Sign of Levelheadedness

Yilin’s analysis, as shared on her TikTok, suggests a significant psychological implication based on the viewer’s first impression of the image. 

A young woman with long, straight hair and a black tank top is pictured against a white background. Text above her head reads 'If you first saw the old lady,' suggesting she is discussing outcomes of viewing an optical illusion

Source: mia_yilin/TikTok

“If you first saw the old lady, then you are someone who would rather let someone have their way than waste time over an argument,” she said. This perception is associated with being more levelheaded and calm in nature.

Logical Approach in Relationships and Deception Detection

Viewers who initially see the older woman in the illusion are thought to possess a logical approach to their relationships with others.

A backlit image of a couple sitting closely together on the ground, silhouetted against a vibrant orange sunset

Source: Khamkéo Vilaysing/Unsplash

Yilin explained in her video that such individuals are not easily deceived, stating that it is “impossible” for someone to lie to them successfully.

First Glimpse of the Young Woman: A Different Temperament

In contrast, if viewers first notice the young, glamorous woman, their temperament is considered to be at the opposite end of the spectrum.

This photo shows a man holding a white telephone whilst appearing to shout. He has an angry expression, and appears against a white background

Source: Icons8 Team/Unsplash

Yilin suggests a more volatile nature, explaining, “If you first saw the young woman, you have a short fuse and can get frustrated rather easily.” 

Independence and Forgiveness: Traits Linked with the Young Woman

Those who first see the young woman in the image are thought to exhibit a deep sense of independence, preferring to do things on their own rather than rely on others, according to Yilin.

A woman and a man holding hands at a wooden table. On the table are two cups of coffee. The woman is wearing a denim jacket and the man is wearing a long-sleeved gray top

Source: Priscilla Du Preez/Unsplash

Furthermore, she notes in her video that such individuals are very forgiving, capable of accepting apologies and moving on from conflicts quickly and effortlessly.


Confusion in the Comments

The TikTok video sparked a variety of reactions from viewers, with some expressing confusion and humor in the comments section.

This shows a screenshot of a comment under a TikTok video from user “Anako Son” which reads “I saw a bird”

Source: anakoson0/TikTok

One user amusingly remarked, “I saw a bird,” while others struggled to identify either of the women in the illusion. 


Diverse Perceptions: From Fear to Invisibility

Some viewers found the image of the old woman to be unsettling, describing her as “scary as hell,” while others had difficulty in spotting her at all.

An image of a man with his hand on his forehead. He has a confused expression on his face. He is wearing a backwards cap and a blue t-shirt and is in front of a plain white background

Source: Sander Sammy/Unsplash

On the other hand, The Sun reveals that one comment read, “I saw the young woman and yes I am exactly like that,” and, “I need to know how you always get these things so accurate.” These varied reactions demonstrate the diverse ways in which different individuals process the same visual information.


Finding Humor in the Optical Illusion

The optical illusion led some viewers to humorously reflect on their self-perception.

This image shows an elderly lady sitting alone on a bench surrounded by bushes and flowers. He has a walking stick next to her and appears to be looking down at a cell phone

Source: Andreea Popa/Unsplash

One commenter jokingly noted, “I first saw the young woman but I feel like the old lady.”


Majority View: Young Woman and Associated Traits

The Daily Mail reports that the majority of viewers reported seeing the young woman first in Yilin’s optical illusion, as reflected in the comments section of the TikTok post.

A close-up image of a clenched fist upon contact with a red punching bag

Source: Pixabay/Pexels

Yilin’s interpretation associates this observation with a tendency toward frustration and a quicker temper in those who see the young woman initially.


The Power of Imagination

The variety of responses to the optical illusion extends beyond the intended images. 

A side video image of a male lion yawning widely. The lion appears to be in its natural habitat

Source: Crystal McClernon/Unsplash

One comment that stood out humorously claimed to see a “’yawning lion,” highlighting the individuality in human perception.


Reflecting on Perception

This optical illusion, popularized by Yilin’s video, reflects the varied and subjective nature of human perception. 

A 3D rendered image of a brain in pink and purple colors. The brain is against a vibrant purple image

Source: Milad Fakurian/Unsplash

Whether viewers identify the old lady, the young woman, or an entirely different image, it showcases the diverse ways our brains process visual information.