Ozempic Babies Are the Newest Side Effect From the Popular Weight Loss Drug

By: Stephanie Bontorin | Published: Apr 21, 2024

Many women have reported an unexpected side effect after taking the popular weight loss drugs called Ozempic and Wegovy.

A new term has popped up on social media lately; “Ozempic babies”. Doctors agree that the semaglutide based weight loss medication is causing women to become pregnant after years of infertility.

Last Year’s Ozempic Craze

People without diabetes taking Ozempic went crazy as a trend last year. The drug causes appetite suppressant and affects blood sugar to assist in weight loss for those who have seemingly tried everything.

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The drug became incredibly popular online after many people speculated that popular celebrities were using the drug. Sales increased so much that the country that produces the product, Denmark, had their GDP boosted by 1.7 percent in just one year.

Common Side Effects

Many users of the popular medication noted the side effects of nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and constant headaches.

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Ozempic works by making the body feel like a naturally occurring homeone is being released. This hormone acts as a super powerful appetite suppressant; ultimately, losing weight comes from eating less.

The Drug Sparks Unexpected Pregnancies

Aside from the usual side effects, many women who were on birth control or experienced years of infertility say that they found themselves pregnant without even trying to conceive.

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As reported by Fox News Digital, a woman by the name of Deb Oliviara (@dkalsolive), said that she was shocked to find herself pregnant while on Ozempic after experiencing heartbreaking fertility issues.

Surprising Yet Healthy Pregnancies

Oliviara went on to explain that she’s had three failed pregnancy attempts. She lost one in the first trimester, one in the second trimester, and a tragic stillbirth.

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By all accounts she never expected to have another child. She and her boyfriend are recently engaged and just moved into their dream home. Without any discussion or active effort, the two are expecting a healthy baby boy in October.

Accelerated Weight Loss Connected to Pregnancies

Chief medical officer of knownwell and president of the Obesity Medicine Association, Dr. Angela Fitch, notes that speedy weight loss and fertility are linked. However, the research in this field has not been well-developed.

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When Oliviara took Ozempic for the first time, she simply thought that she would be able to drop the last 20 pounds after years of hard exercise.


Ozempic Baby Boom

Dr. Fitch speculates that the massive baby boom that many women are experiencing is the result of sudden fat loss thanks to the weight loss drug.

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Fertility is still an emerging study, and while it was common thought for a long time that a woman’s age played the biggest part on pregnancy health, it’s now assumed that body weight and physical health contribute a bigger factor.


Medications Can Alter Oral Contraceptives

Any woman who has taken an oral contraceptive has probably been warned that antibiotics and antifungal medications can render birth control useless.

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Since Ozempic and Wegovy are new on the market and only recently FDA approved, it was previously unknown that this type of medication could also alter the intended effects of birth control pills.


Doctors Are Recommending Long-Lasting Contraception

Health care providers like Dr. Fitch, who is in the know about the medication’s side effects, recommend that anyone interested in taking Ozempic get on a long-lasting contraception device.

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Long-term contraception devices are the IUD or other reversible contraception methods like the 6 month shot.


Losing Weight Aids in Regulating Menstrual Cycles

A fertility expert at Columbia University Fertility Center in New York, Dr. Rachel McConnell, agrees with the idea that sudden weight loss can aid in fertility.

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The expert in reproductive health and infertility notes that losing body fat to a normal percentage can aid women who are suffering from irregular menstrual cycles and chronic pain. However, she recommends that patients go off medications like Ozempic roughly three months before trying to conceive.


Weight Loss Corrects Hormonal Imbalances

Another staggering reason for the boost in Ozempic babies is the fact that for many women, their hormones are balanced for the first time in their adult life.

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The semaglutide (the active ingredient in Olampic) releases hormones into the body. Many women could be suffering from hormone imbalances and not realize until they experience physiological changes while on the medication.


Pregnancy Is Often Mistake as Harsh Side Effects

One factor that isn’t helping women are the harsh side effects felt by someone discontinuing Ozempic or Wegovy. The side effects are extremely similar to pregnancy symptoms and many women are not able to distinguish the two. 

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Many women are finding themselves a few months into pregnancy (instead of just a few weeks) because they brush off the symptoms as side effects of the medication. Doctors are now saying to stay on a long-term contraceptive and test regularly if a woman suspects she might be experiencing this new phenomenon.