Passengers on Carvinal Cruises Are Being Warned That This Mistake Could Make Them Sick

By: Stephanie Bontorin | Published: May 30, 2024

Joining a cruise is an exciting adventure filled with new experiences. After departing and exploring a foreign location, returning to the boat and the safety of the room is an important component of a guest’s stay. 

Although small, the room is a place where passengers decorate, personalize, and call their own for a week or two. Unfortunately, guests are now being warned of a fatal mistake they might be making in their own cabins.

Cruise Cabins Are Known for Being Efficient

The beauty of small rooms on boats is that they use every inch to satisfy basic needs. For example, rooms often have bunkbeds packed like sardines for small kids to sleep in and use a space no smaller than a foot for the shower.

A small bedroom with a single bed with white sheets and blue pillows, a captains hat hangs on the wall next to a blue door and a small plant hangs from the ceiling

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Even larger, more executive suits will use small compartments under the bed for storage and ensure that all walls are made of metal so that magnetic hooks can be used to hang personal items.

How Small Are the Rooms?

The rooms need to be ultra-efficient because of the lack of space on a larger boat. The more people that a ship can comfortably fit, the more revenue that the company can make.

A small room inside a cruise ship with a bed, desk with a chair and computer and picture hanging from the wall

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The average room on a cruise ship is roughly 160-185 square feet. This is about half the size of an average hotel room with two double or queen beds. Unlike most hotel rooms, you’ll notice some components missing, such as a tub in the bathroom and a sitting area near the window, unless, of course, you spring for a room with a balcony.

Cruise Lines Continue To Get More Clever

With the added benefit of customer reviews and instant feedback from social media, cruises have dutifully updated their cabins in recent years.

The bows of two large white cruise ships face a cement dock with multiple people walking in front of them

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Lines like Royal Caribbean and Carnival Cruise Lines have worked hard to make the rooms more updated and functional. They have added items like sofa beds and Murphy beds that pull out of the wall to save precious space. 

Misunderstandings Can Easily Happen on a Big Ship

Due to the ultra-resourcefulness that companies have put into their rooms, taking the time to explore the hidden secrets is a necessary step when unpacking. You might find a USB outlet inside a drawer or a hidden compartment in the bathroom for storage.

A large white cruise ship moves away from a cement dock where a second cruise ship is tied up

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Because of the spread of information on socials and the aspect of hidden treasures in each room, many guests have made a fatal error concerning an empty box in their room on a Carnival Cruise Line.

A Small Mistake Can Cost Big

Brand Ambassador for Carnival Cruise Lines John Heald took to social media to write a message about one of these big mistakes.

The exterior of a ship deck with light wood floors, white walls, white railings and white life boats above with blue water and mountains in the background

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He took to FaceBook to share the following message: “It appears somebody on another Facebook group page has been informing people that the box on the Mardi Gras, Carnival Celebration, and Carnival Jubilee cabins is in fact a cooler/refrigerator.” Heald was concerned about the spread of misinformation and wanted to use his large platform to clear up the error. 


What Is the Box?

The box that Heald spoke about was actually just a standalone square without a cord, plug, or any visible means of power.

A large white cruise ship at a dock surrounded by green grass and trees and a small blue building

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The cruise line had taken notice of guests complaining that their beverages had not been cooled properly in the “fridge” supplied by the room. But the line never meant for the box to be used as a fridge. In a statement, they claimed, “They are not coolers. They are stools and they are storage units.”


Clever Use of Space, but Not a Refrigeration Unit

Although the small box can definitely be considered a clever use of space, many guests think that it misled them into thinking that they had a fridge in their room.

The top deck of a cruise ship with a set of stairs leading up to another level, rows of blue chairs, and people walking around

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Heald added in his statement that guests should “Turn around the top lid and you have a side table,” he added. “Thank you, just wanted to help, and a huge thanks to our brill Lead Hotel Director Pierre for bringing this to my attention.”


Carnival Passengers Are in Disbelief

Many guests took to Heald’s comment section on the Facebook post to express their disappointment in discovering that the box was not, in fact, a cooler.

A large cruise ship docked at a port with large machinery and a building in the foreground

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In reality, the mistake is innocent enough, as most other cruise lines add a small cooler in the rooms to keep small items cold, like drinks and medication.


Passengers Could Become Seriously Ill From the Mistake

Unfortunately, one grave error of using a box as a cooler is that essential medication will not be kept at the correct temperature.

A red beach chair, blue table and yellow hammock in the foreground, more red chairs on the beach and a cruise ship in the water appear in the background

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Using insulin or other medication that needs to be refrigerated at room temperature can have severe health repercussions. As well, eating or drinking food that has been left out for too long can result in serious food poisoning.


Rumours Spread Through Social Media Are Partly To Blame

Since the use of social media is so widespread, videos on room tours and cruise cabin hacks have become their own brand on social media.

A large cruise ship illuminated against the night sky moves through a water a channel with snow capped mountains in the background

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Now, cruise lines are worried that guests could be spreading false information on YouTube and TikTok videos where they share their favourite hacks on a boat or information about secret compartments.


Many Commenters Surprised at the “Dumb” Mistake

Instead of being sympathetic to the situation, many commenters on Heald’s post were largely unkind to the people who thought that the box was a fridge or cooler.

A white cruise ship docked in a bay next to the Sydney Opera House with large sky scrapers in the background, water, and plants in the foreground

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Many added nasty comments like, “Whatever takes out the human race, I think I’ve decided we deserve it. I can literally feel my IQ fall each time I read some of the questions/comments and requests here. I don’t know how JH does this every day,” Malcolm Landry wrote.