Popular Company Recalls Crab Cakes for Potentially Deadly Contamination

By: Stephanie Bontorin | Published: May 24, 2024

A new recall has many people worried about potential illnesses affecting the general public. The life-threatening recall has been issued for anyone with a serious egg allergy.

The Food and Drug Administration website has issued a voluntary recall on Country Road Seafood crab cake packages distributed out of North Carolina and South Carolina. The website notes that the company has included eggs in the recipe without disclosing the ingredient on the packaging for the past two years.

How the Recall Began

Early last week, the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services sent Country Road Seafood a notice about the discrepancy between the ingredient list and the items written on the packaging.

A plate of crab cakes on a white sauce with a small bed of greens next to another plate and a copper cup

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The notice prompted the company to begin a formal recall of the 4-ounce packages, each containing two crab cakes. It is currently unknown who alerted the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Customer Services about the issue.

Who is Country Road Seafood?

The company behind the recent recall is a family of crabbers and fishermen based in North and South Carolina. 

A solitary fisherman stands in a small red boat on a vast expanse of blue water. He is wearing a hat, orange overalls, and is actively engaged in a task

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The company produces items available for retail and wholesale. They specialize in soft-shell crabs, whole crabs, shrimp, scallops, oysters, and other fresh fish.

It Is Unknown How Many Products Are Affected

Country Road Seafood sells its crabcakes on retail shelves and to larger distributors, so the specific UPC or lot codes associated with each product are unknown.

A white plate with five round crab cakes

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The company sells their crab cakes in vacuum-sealed clear plastic packages and has used the same recipe since August 26th, 2022.

No Illnesses Reported Yet

Thankfully, no illnesses or fatal allergy reactions have been reported to the authorities just yet. However, someone with a severe egg allergy could easily experience a fatal reaction to the allergen. 

Two large red crabs in a paper plate on a wooden table

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Anyone with an egg allergy or sensitivity is recommended to throw out the product immediately.

Dangers of Unlisted Ingredients

Most recalls occur because of contaminated ingredients or inspections that uncover toxins like botulism. In this case, someone most likely alerted the authorities to the discrepancy in the packaging and the real ingredients inside the crab cakes.

A pile of brown eggs in a large carton

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Egg allergies can be fatal; they have the ability to cause an anaphylaxis episode for someone with a serious allergy.


The Seriousness of the Situation

Undeclared allergens can threaten millions of people and are one of the leading causes of food recalls in the United States.

A large blue and silver metal sign displaying official FDA insignia

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People with life-threatening allergies are often very cautious about what packaged foods they eat. For some, even eating food made in the same factory as their allergen could put their health at risk. For this reason, companies are required to list all allergens within food and within the same factory so that customers can be sure of the safety of the product.


Recent Salmonella Outbreak Caused Many People To Fall Ill

In late January of this year, Quaker Oats recalled a large number of its products due to a salmonella outbreak in its quick oats.

An image of a large tin of Quaker Oats

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The outbreak of salmonella had the ability to poison and potentially kill anyone who ingested the product.


Other Crab-Related Recalls Issued Recently

Irvington Seafood issued a recall on their crab products earlier this week. One-pound tubs of “Crabmeat: Jumbo, Lump, Finger, and Clawmeat” have been contaminated with Listeria.

A baked crab dish on a black plate next to toast triangles

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The potentially deadly bacteria caused the company to react immediately to the issue.


Rise in Food Recalls Across Industries

Over the past two months, more products have been pulled off shelves due to concerns of contamination. Currently, multiple brands of cream cheese are being recalled due to fears of listeria.

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Also, almost one million bags of tea have been recalled due to the presence of pesticide residue inside them. Often, foods grown in moist environments are more susceptible to contamination. Things like lettuce, mushrooms, and sprouts are commonly recalled. 


Report Found Recalls Are Increasing

A recent report by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) found that recalls increased last year.

Dairy cows in a farm eating.

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As more companies begin to struggle with the recent bird-flu epidemic harming dairy cows across the country, more recalls on fresh products are expected to take place.