Protein Bar Company Offering $2,500 Reward for Customers Who Remove Their Couch From Their Home

By: Lauren Fokas | Published: Feb 09, 2024

RXBAR has made quite the name for itself as one of the industry’s most popular protein bar brands.

As well as its healthy and tasty products, RXBAR is also known for its specific marketing campaigns, and its latest sweepstakes is certainly getting worldwide attention. RXBAR announced at the start of 2024 that by getting rid of their couch, people can enter for a chance to win $2,500.

What Is RXBAR?

First and foremost, it’s important to understand what RXBAR actually is and what it offers to its customers.

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RXBAR’s most popular products are protein bars, though they also sell nut butters. Made from egg whites, dried fruits, nuts, and seeds, RXBAR bars are made and marketed as the perfect snack for those focusing on health and exercise.

Getting People Off the Couch

At the end of 2023, RXBAR posted a clip on its Instagram page that read, “We’re up to something, and your couch isn’t going to like it…”

Screenshot of @rxbar’s Instagram video about the Bar the Couch sweepstakes

Source: @rxbar/Instagram

And the very next week, they announced their newest offering: Anyone who completely removed their couch from their home for the entire month of January would be entered to win some serious cash.

A Year’s Supply of RXBAR Protein Bars Plus $2,500

Participants of the competition have the chance to win $2,500 in cash, as well as a year’s supply of RXBAR protein bars. And at $2.50 a bar, a year’s supply for anyone who loves these bars is definitely a big win.

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However, RXBAR also explained that while the prizes are exciting, removing one’s couch for a whole month is a reward in and of itself.

The Winter Blues

RXBAR said to its followers, “In the cold winter months, the couch is the epitome of warmth and coziness and sometimes tempts us away from staying active.”

Woman drinking tea under a blanket on the couch

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And continued, “Conquering the comfort of the couch is the first step toward achieving any fitness goals,” which RXBAR claims is the true meaning of the bar-the-couch challenge.

RXBAR Truly Wants to Encourage Healthier Lifestyles

RXBAR Brand Marketing Director Eileen Flaherty said in a statement, “The RXBAR Bar the Couch Pledge is a fun way to bring the possibilities of a couch-free lifestyle to our fans and see what they can accomplish.”

Linkedin profile picture of Eileen Flaherty, director of marketing at RXBAR

Source: @eileenflaherty/LinkedIn

And she continued, “We are thrilled to work with our team of influencers to launch this 30-day challenge and can’t wait to see how fans nationwide will be inspired [to] move the couch and get moving.”


Making it a New Year’s Challenge

In addition to the fact that many struggle to get up and off the couch during the winter months, RXBAR also used the opportunity to make its Bar the Couch challenge a part of many people’s New Year’s resolution to exercise more.

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The bottom line is that RXBAR hopes that offering a cash and protein bar prize at the start of the year will inspire people to do something that is actually good for them and help them realize their goals.


How Can Removing a Couch Help With Someone’s Fitness Goals?

These days, society as a whole spends quite a lot of time on the couch. From binge-watching Netflix, scrolling on social media apps, or even reading a book, the couch often calls to us after a long day at work.

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But while resting is, of course, crucial, the couch has a way of sucking people in for hours on end. And most often, once someone sits on the couch, they find it nearly impossible to get up and go work out.


Not Having a Couch Will Lead to a More Active Lifestyle

So, the idea behind the contest is that without a couch, people won’t waste hours sitting around.

Woman working out in a gym with dumbbells

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And with all that free time they find themselves with, they are far more likely to go outside for a walk, work out at the gym, or participate in an exercise class.


Turning the Living Room Into a Workout Space

Another encouraging side effect of taking the couch out of the living room is that it makes plenty of room to work out from home.

Woman working out to an online video in her living room

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Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, there are now an incredible number of workout videos online to choose from. And with all that space, a person will likely be far more motivated to use it to move instead of to sit.


Sign-Up for the Bar the Couch Contest Has Closed

RXBAR’s Bar the Couch giveaway contest closed its doors to new entries on January 14, and they will be announcing the winner at the end of the month.

Screenshot of @rxbar’s Instagram video about the Bar the Couch giveaway

Source: @rxbar/Instagram

However, RXBAR already has a new marketing sweepstakes up and running on their social media for those who would love to win a totally different but equally exciting prize.


RXBAR’s R-Exes Giveaway

According to an RXBAR influencer, “Nothing kills [a] vibe like seeing an ex at the gym,” so RXBAR has decided to give away R-Exes kits. The kits include a gift card to give to the ex to use at a new gym, a gift card for the winner to use on new workout gear and, of course, a year’s supply of RXBAR protein bars.

Screenshot of @rxbar’s Instagram video about R-Exes sweepstakes

Source: @rxbar/Instagram

RXBAR’s marketing team seems to be working nonstop on ideas, promotions, and contests that promote their protein bars as well as get people off the couch and into the gym. And many agree that while it’s obviously good for the company, it’s really good for everyone.