Sperm Donor Discovers He May Be the Father of More than 97 Children

By: Lauren Wurth | Published: Feb 08, 2024

Daylan Stone-Miller was in college when he started donating sperm to a bank. He was comfortable with the arrangement, as the contract said his identity would be confidential. That was in 2011.

However, Stone-Miller’s life has taken on new meaning since discovering he is the father to some 97 identified kids. You will be surprised by how the now 32-year-old man took the news.

Donating the Seeds

Stone-Miller’s journey to having such a large ancestry makes for a good story. The father of many had his first donation in 2011 and was 25 years old at the time, according to People.

Dylan taking a group picture with eight of his biological kids

Source: Daylan Stone-Miller/Instagram

Between 2011 and 2016, Stone-Miller donated sperm a record 400 times. All his donations were to Xytex, an Atlanta-based sperm bank.

Inspired by a Cash Crunch

Stone-Miller would later reveal that he was not just being benevolent with his sperm cells. On the contrary, his financial realities in college forced him to look for an income source.

Donor Dylan painting with one of his daughters

Source: Daylan Stone-Miller/Instagram

In reality, Stone-Miller’s college roommate was the inspiration behind him exploring sperm donation as an income source. At the time, he made an average amount of $100 per sperm donation.

Surviving Through College

With his approximately $40,000 income, Stone-Miller paid his Georgia State University tuition and some personal college bills. The virile man did not know how many offspring he had until 2020.

Dylan spends some quality time with one of his sons

Source: Daylan Stone-Miller/Instagram

In 2020, Stone-Miller was working with a software engineering company in Atlanta when he received a life-changing message. It was from a woman whose daughter was conceived from Stone-Miller’s sperm donation.

A Surprise to Remember

The woman’s direct message on Instagram left Stone-Miller surprised. She explained that Xylex did not provide her with detailed information for tracking him down. However, the said woman simply used a string of easily accessible information to find the biological father of her daughter.

Dylan visits two of his sons

Source: Daylan Stone-Miller/Instagram

Interestingly, not just one family is involved. So far, multiple families have reached out to him. Stone-Miller is still counting, but he has found 97 kids that were conceived through his sperm donation.

Do I Know You from Somewhere?

It is quite easy to wonder how Stone-Miller could be so sure that all the 97 kids he has counted thus far are his biological offspring. Well, in the case of the woman who reached out via Instagram, she clarified that her conception was through sperm from the Xylex sperm bank.

One of Dylan’s daughters comes to visit

Source: Daylan Stone-Miller/Instagram

Besides, Stone-Miller surfed through the woman’s family pictures on her Instagram account. The girl turned out to be a spitting image of Stone-Miller.


Establishing a Connection with the Expansive Dynasty

After that first contact, Stone-Miller became awash with emotions. In the following months, several other families reached out to him via social media, identifying as beneficiaries of his sperm donations.

Dylan plays with his biological son

Source: Daylan Stone-Miller/Instagram

Stone-Miller has since created a Facebook group where he interacts with all such parents who have come forward. Most of the parents were able to find him using the donor number and his first name.


He Didn’t Know Things Would Turn Out This Way

Stone-Miller later revealed that the agreement between Xylex and him was to keep his identity confidential until the child was 18 years old. As of the last count, Stone-Miller is confident that he has 97 kids from his sperm donations.

These kids only get to meet their biological father through Facetime

Source: Daylan Stone-Miller/Instagram

However, he suggests that there may be more. According to Stone-Miller’s analysis, his biological children may be up to 251 and may span six different countries.


We Can Do Better, Raising Awareness

Stone-Miller has since come to terms with the reality of fathering so many children. Now, he is sold out to supporting sperm donation and alternative methods of reproduction.

Dylan is protesting the exploitation of sperm banks

Source: Daylan Stone-Miller/Instagram

However, Stone-Miller is calling for stricter regulations. He wants organizations running sperm banks to treat donors and beneficiary families better. Also, Stone-Miller expects the government to put a cap on the number of pregnancies that can come from a single donor.


A Year-Long Road Trip

Last year, Stone-Miller took a sabbatical from his job and went on a countrywide to visit some of his biological children. Of course, he only paid a visit to families that were open to having him around.

Dylan had a memorable outing with some of his kids

Source: Donordylan/Instagram

To explain his motive for the visits, Stone-Miller said, “I know how inquisitive children are and how important it is to answer their questions, especially ones about where they came from.” Understanding this is not difficult as he is a single dad. Stone-Miller has a son from a previous marriage.


Let Us See How Things Go

So he hit the asphalt in 2021, going around the country to meet his kids for the first time. Stone-Miller’s plan is to meet as many of them as possible before their 18th birthdays.

At a picnic with two of his daughters

Source: AmoMama USA/X

However, by May 2023, he had met just 18 of his biological children. As of the time of this publication, the number has risen to 26. Stone-Miller confessed that it has been an endearing experience for him so far.


Never Again?!

For the families that want him to meet his biological kids, they would often reach out to him online. Next, they mutually decide if the family and child would like to meet Stone-Miller in person.

Dylan to keep up with all his biological children

Source: Daylan Stone-Miller/Instagram

The “father of a battalion” presently resides in Washington, D.C., where he runs a non-profit that links sperm donors with recipient families. When asked if he would love to start a family of his own, Stone-Miller said he feels it would be irresponsible. Instead, he would rather try to find fulfillment by connecting with as many of his sperm-donor-kids as possible.