‘The World is Laughing’: Kamala Harris Mocked for What Has Been Deemed a ‘Cringe’ Video at The White House

By: May Man Published: Jun 22, 2024

Vice President Kamala Harris recently hosted an event at the White House with the cast of “Queer Eye,” which quickly stirred controversy.

During a mock press briefing led by Jonathan Van Ness, the event’s playful tone faced criticism. Notable figures voiced their disapproval, reflecting broader concerns about what they perceived as a trivial use of the prestigious venue.

JVN's Guessing Game

At the White House, Jonathan Van Ness added a personal touch by discussing his favorite member from the original ‘Queer Eye’ cast.

Jonathan Van Ness standing in front of mic holding both hands in front of his chest

Source: JVN, X

He kept the details vague and turning it into a fun guessing game for fans.

Where's The White House Seal?

Observers noted a curious detail during Van Ness’s appearance: the iconic White House sign was absent from the podium.

JVN Standing in behind podium in White House, without White House Seal

Source: AthroPress, X

This small but noticeable omission gave the event a more casual feel, deviating from the usual formalities.

Disappointed Peterson

Not everyone appreciated the lighthearted nature of the event. Author Jordan Peterson expressed his frustration on X, formerly Twitter, bluntly stating, “Seriously, WTF,” and demanding, “Enough of this.”

Jordan Peterson talking in front of black background

Source: Wikimedia

His comments reflected broader dissatisfaction with celebrity antics at such a prestigious location.

"Mockery of our great country"

The conservative influencer Libs of TikTok also criticized the event on social media, calling it a “mockery of our great country.”

White House decorated for Pride

Source: White House, X

A follower echoed this sentiment, claiming, “The world is laughing at us.”

Concerns from Texas

Sarah Fields of the Texas Freedom Coalition expressed serious concerns, describing the event as “an attack from within” and a “mockery of our country.”

Pool in White House decorated for Pride theme

Source: White House, X

Her severe take underscored the deeper unease some feel about using the White House in this way.


Trans Right Support

Jonathan Van Ness has previously shown passionate support for trans rights, notably breaking down during a podcast discussion on the topic.

JVN and another individual taking photo together side by side

Source: Alexandrahell, X

This emotional plea highlighted his dedication to advocacy beyond his television role.


Celebrity Visitors

The White House often hosts celebrities to raise awareness for important causes.

A panoramic view of the White House with expansive lawns

Source: Wikimedia Commons

For example, the cast of ‘The L Word’ visited during Lesbian Visibility Week, demonstrating the government’s use of star power for advocacy.


Moments at the Podium

Many visitors to the White House, including celebrities, seize the opportunity to take a photo at the famous podium.

Matthew McConaughey speaking at the white hose

Source: Wikimedia

These images frequently appear on social media, providing a personal snapshot of their time at the historic site.


Pride Month Celebration

Vice President Kamala Harris invited the ‘Queer Eye’ team to the White House to celebrate both the show’s 20th anniversary and Pride Month.

VP, Kamala Harris in purple suit, inviting Queer Eye cast into The White House

Source: VP, X

She expressed her gratitude with a heartfelt post: “Thank you for a meaningful conversation, for giving my office your stamp of approval, and for being fabulous.”


"Madam President"

During the event, a social media caption mistakenly referred to VP Harris as ‘Madam President.’

Vice President Kamala Harris seated at her desk in a well-appointed office, smiling as she writes, with American flags and the Vice Presidential seal in the background

Source: Wikimedia Commons

This error sparked comments and speculation about the premature assignment of the title, highlighting the sensitivity surrounding political titles.


Biden Attended G7 Summit

As Vice President Kamala Harris entertained the ‘Queer Eye’ cast at the White House, President Joe Biden was attending the G7 Summit in Italy.

G7 Summit leaders taking group photo in Italy

Source: POTUS, X

This contrast drew criticism, with detractors arguing that Harris’s light-hearted event was inappropriate during a time of significant global diplomacy.