Thousands of Tiaras Sold on Amazon Recalled for Cancer-Causing Materials

By: Georgia McKoy | Published: Feb 12, 2024

Thousands of children’s tiaras sold on Amazon have been recalled due to safety concerns. These tiaras, adorned with rhinestones, have been found to contain dangerous levels of lead, a toxic metal linked to serious health issues, including cancer. 

The recall specifically targets 12,440 Yaomiao Children’s Rhinestone Silver Tiaras, highlighting a significant oversight in product safety standards for children’s accessories.

The Source of the Hazard

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission reveals that the recall was initiated by LordRoadS, the distributor of the Yaomiao Children’s Rhinestone Silver Tiaras, after it was discovered that the rhinestones in the tiaras contain levels of lead that “exceed the federal lead content ban.” 

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This discovery indicates a grave concern for the health and safety of children who may have been exposed to these high levels of lead.

Specifics of the Recalled Product

The Daily Mail reports that the recalled tiaras were sold in sets of four, with various colors of rhinestones including blue, purple, and clear. 

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However, it is only the silver tiaras with red gems that have been identified as exceeding safe lead levels and therefore recalled.

Sales Timeline and Pricing

These potentially hazardous tiaras were available for purchase on Amazon from January 2021 through November 2023. Each set, containing four tiaras, was sold for approximately $19.

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The extended sale period and affordable price point suggest that a significant number of units may have been sold and distributed across the country, according to The Daily Mail.

Lead Toxicity and Its Effects

Lead exposure is particularly harmful to children, even though it poses a risk to individuals of all ages.

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According to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, most children with lead exposure show no obvious symptoms, making it crucial for those at risk to undergo testing for lead levels in their blood.

Immediate Symptoms of Lead Exposure

The FDA has stated that short-term exposure to lead can result in symptoms such as headache, abdominal pain, vomiting, and anemia.

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These initial symptoms can be alarming and are indicative of the need for immediate medical attention to prevent further health complications.


Long-term Health Risks

Continued exposure to lead can lead to more severe health issues, including lethargy, weight loss, constipation, and difficulty breathing, per information from the FDA.

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These long-term effects highlight the serious risk that lead exposure poses to overall health and well-being, particularly in children who are more susceptible to its toxic effects.


Environmental Presence of Lead

The Daily Mail reports that The American Academy of Pediatrics has explained that children can be exposed to heavy metals like lead from various environmental sources, including soil, air, water, or industrial processes. 

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This widespread presence of lead emphasizes the importance of vigilant consumer safety practices and product testing to prevent exposure.


No Safe Level of Lead

The American Academy of Pediatrics has declared that there is no known safe level of lead exposure. 

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Lead’s ability to cause damage to the brain and nervous system, slow growth and development, and other health issues reinforces the need for strict regulation and prevention measures to protect children’s health.


Lead and Cancer Risk

Both the US Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Health and Human Services have identified lead and lead compounds as substances “reasonably anticipated” to be human carcinogens. 

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This classification further supports the critical nature of the recall, given the potential long-term health implications of exposure to lead, including an increased risk of cancer.


Prevalence of Lead Exposure Among Children

Research from UNICEF suggests that 1 in 3 children under the age of five have been exposed to dangerous levels of lead.

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This exposure can lead to significant health issues, including slowed growth, learning and behavioral problems, and hearing and speech issues, with the potential for lasting effects.


Consumer Action and Refund Information

Owners of the recalled tiaras are advised to immediately cease use and remove the tiaras from children’s access, per information from The Daily Mail.

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LordRoadS, in collaboration with Amazon, is actively contacting customers who purchased the recalled product to offer refunds.