TikTok Slams Native Haircare for Causing Hairloss Despite Advertising as a “Clean” Brand

By: Chris Gorrie | Published: Feb 11, 2024

TikTok user CrimsonCustoms (@ccskullsmorgan) took to the platform in January to discuss her experiences using Native Shampoo and Conditioner over a span of several months, emphasizing the impact on her hair appearance and quality. 

She shared a chronological sequence of images documenting different stages, including initial expectations, the effects amid weight loss, and the present condition. She provided personal reflections alongside her images about specific circumstances and treatments, such as salon visits and heat styling.

TikTok User @ccskullsmorgan Shares Her Hair Journey

In December 2022, @ccskullsmorgan had the exact hair she now wants. This is her visual benchmark for the ongoing comparisons she shares in her video.

@ccskullsmorgan shows her hair in May 2023, after beginning her weight loss journey and after having used Native shampoo for a few months.


She mentioned beginning weight loss efforts in May 2023, with corresponding images captured in late June or early July, depicting frizzy yet voluminous hair after exposure to outdoor heat during a concert. Despite the acknowledged frizz, her hair maintained its volume, consistent with her typical hair care routine.

@ccskullsmorgan’s Hair Quality Initially Endured

A subsequent image, taken after spending a day in Nashville’s intense heat, indicates enduring hair quality. 

@ccskullsmorgan shows her hair in July 2023, after working in Nashville in the blazing heat all day.


@ccskullsmorgan says she engaged in work  activities, which underscores the favorable condition of her hair after getting back home, all of which seemed to reinforce the efficacy of Native Shampoo and Conditioner.

A Salon Visit in August

@ccskullsmorgan discussed a salon visit in August, where she had highlights and toner added to her hair, and then had her hair heat-styled, a customary practice for her.

@ccskullsmorgan shows her hair in late summer/early fall 2023, after going to the salon and having toner, highlights, and heat-styling done.


The October image @ccskullsmorgan took at her home showcases voluminous hair with less defined curls. At this point, she had already achieved a significant portion of weight loss.

Eventual Loss of Curls and Hair Quality

The most recent image @ccskullsmorgan shows is evidence of consistent use of Native Shampoo and Conditioner since the day of purchase.

@ccskullsmorgan shows her hair in October 2023, taken at home.


Unfortunately, the results are not as expected. Her hair has undergone an unsavory transformation and is now lackluster, has lost its volume and curls, and has even thinned out. 

Evidence @ccskullsmorgan Presents

@ccskullsmorgan presents reasonable evidence of her terrible experience with Native Shampoo and Conditioner.

@ccskullsmorgan shows her hair in January 2024, taken at home.


She has an image captured on the day of assembling a shower caddy in late August 2022, when she originally purchased the Native products. She also has receipts of purchase that she claims she is willing to furnish if need be.


TikTok Users Agree with @ccskullsmorgan’s Conclusions

Other TikTok users who have been consistently applying Native Shampoo and Conditioner seem to be in agreement over the negative effects.

Comments on @ccskullsmorgan January 2024 video about the effects of Native Shampoo and Conditioner.


“Girl I thought I was going insane until I saw this,” says one user who shares the same issue. “Oh my gawd,” begins another user. “This is why I’m losing my hair. Like 50% gone. I did a full work up.. totally healthy. I’m praying it will come back if I stop it.” And another user jumps in, saying “I am going through the same thing, I also lost weight and kept blaming it for sudden extreme hair loss but I checked everything blood work came back amazing.”


How Much Stock Can We Put in These Claims?

From the point of view of journalism, this is essentially an anecdotal exploration of personal experiences with a specific hair care product. While personal testimonials contribute to the product’s narrative, it’s important to acknowledge the inherent subjectivity and individual variations in hair care outcomes. 

A woman showering and running her hands through her hair.

Armin Rimoldi/Pexels

The visuals presented by the user can be considered a form of before-and-after documentation, showcasing the evolution of their hair over time. The individual’s disclosure of weight loss as a concurrent factor introduces an additional layer to the narrative, suggesting a potential intersection of lifestyle changes and hair care results.


Do Your Due Diligence

In evaluating the effectiveness of Native Shampoo and Conditioner, it would be pertinent to consider the product’s formulation, key ingredients, and any scientific basis for the claimed benefits. 

A person sitting at a laptop computer doing research. You can only see their hands in the image.

Christina Morillo/Pexels

An analysis of customer reviews and expert opinions could provide a more comprehensive understanding of the product’s reception in the market.


So, Does Native Shampoo Cause Hair Loss?

Despite TikTokers claims against the hair care product, others argue that Native shampoo does not cause hair loss. Though some put forward claims of potential hair loss from using Native shampoo, the company and advocated have attempted to dispel concerns.

A woman looking in the mirror while wearing a bathroom with her hair up.

Karolina Grabowska/Pexels

They argue that when transitioning from a regular shampoo to a natural, eco-friendly Native shampoo, your scalp may require an adjustment period. During this phase, some shedding might occur. However, this shedding is typically temporary and brief–think of it as a “hair spring cleaning” before positive changes set in. They say there is no need to panic; it’s all part of the adaptation process.


Why Do Some People Think Native Shampoo Causes Hair Loss?

A counterpoint offered by the brand and its advocates is that when transitioning from conventional to Native shampoo, your scalp requires time to adapt. 

A woman standing with her hand on her chin giving a questioning look.

Andrea Piacquadio/Pexels

Shedding during this adjustment phase is entirely normal–it’s your scalp signaling its openness to something new. Additionally, individual sensitivities to specific natural ingredients may contribute to variations in reactions, but this doesn’t necessitate abandoning Native shampoo altogether.


What Other Factors Could Contribute to Hair Loss?

It’s important to recognize that hair loss is akin to a complex puzzle with multiple contributing factors. It’s likely that you can’t completely blame one factor.

A balding African-American man sits using a laptop computer.


Whether or not Native shampoo is causing hair loss, stress can play a subtle yet significant role in this process. Elevated stress levels often manifest in the condition of our hair. Hormonal imbalances, inadequate nutrition, and genetic predispositions can also be contributors to the hair loss conundrum.