Vandalism Causes Yet Another Hurdle for Electric Vehicle Owners

By: Stephanie Bontorin | Published: Jun 28, 2024

A recent rash of vandalism at an Ohio supercharger station has one Tesla owner frustrated with public attitudes toward EVs.

A frustrated electric vehicle (EV) owner shared photos to the r/teslamotors subreddit showing several cables cut at a popular charging station. A repair truck arrived to rectify the problem, but it doesn’t solve the pervasive issues that EV owners face.

Vandalism in Ohio

The Reddit user posted to the site to share their frustration that someone had cut several cables at a Tesla supercharging station.

A close up for a cut wire at a red charging station for EVs

Source: Grinolam/Reddit

“Someone keeps cutting the SC Cables at the [Cincinnati] Meijer. Tech showed up while I was there and said it happened the day before as well. Camera only can see last 4, which are never cut.” The vandalism is a continuation of a series of hateful actions Tesla owners say are taken against them.

Charging Stations Are Becoming More Common

The supercharger station was recently added to the Meijer parking lot. This expansion adds to the growing list of grocery stores that offer EV charging stations as an amenity.

An electric vehicle charging at a charging station

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Hybrid and electric vehicles have become more popular in recent years. However, lawmakers who want to avoid banning gas-powered cars by 2030 have still received considerable pushback.

Copper Wires Targeted by Thieves

While it’s good to see more sustainable options becoming easier to use around the U.S., the cable poses a different issue.

A table filled with different cables wound around large spools

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The wires use copper inside to transfer the electricity. Unfortunately, thieves looking to sell precious metals have discovered they can cut the wires to extract the copper. It’s clear that this issue will continue to occur unless Tesla can devise a permanent solution.

The Biden Administration Has Promised More Charging Stations

The Biden-Harris administration has made selling EVs central to their platform. Part of their plan is to ban the sale of gas-powered cars by 2030 and all new sales to be electric.

An EV charging station for with Tesla branding.

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The government has currently promised to add 200,000 chargers available to drivers by the end of the year. However, the rollout has been slow so far.

Uber Offering Financial Incentives for Drivers to Buy Electric

The ride-sharing service Uber has offered drivers a massive payment of $22,000 to buy an EV.

A black car parked on the side of the road with the word “Uber” written on the door

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The plan to use more eco-friendly transportation methods is in full swing. Uber has also pledged to help reduce harmful air pollutants in all countries where the service is available.


Are EVs Really Cleaner Than Gas Powered Cars?

Critics have bemoaned the use of cobalt in EV batteries and the use of electricity for charging cars and trucks.

A photograph of an electric vehicle plugged in to charge atop a graphic of an EV charging on the pavement

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Many of the processes involved in building electric vehicles are indeed just as destructive as standard cars. Essential components like cobalt are mined in the Democratic Republic of Congo using child labour and harmful environmental practices.


EVs Can Be Charged With Renewable Energy

Although many of the camps opposed to driving electric vehicles claim that they use dirty power, such as coal or nuclear sources, this is only half true.

Several white wind turbines on the side of a lush, green mountain

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The source of the energy depends on the city. For example, many counties around the U.S. have switched to hydro, solar, and wind to power public electricity sources. However, many red-leaning states are still learning towards using gas, coal, and nuclear to power the electricity grid.


The Comparison of Emissions Between Gas and Electric Cars

The switch to driving an electric car can save 40 tons of CO2 emissions per car.

A man's hand holds a gas pump into the gas component of a black car

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As the processes and methods for making and building EVs become more eco-friendly, the total emissions created in the construction of the car are also expected to go down.


Stopping the Vandalism Is Relatively Easy

Many users on the Reddit thread agree that stopping the vandalism at supercharging stations is incredibly easy.

A thin tower with three white security cameras pointing in different directions

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In the parking lot of the Meijer, the four charging stations that were spared from being harmed were in direct view of a security camera. The solution that many agreed to was simply adding more security cameras in these areas.


Vandals in Florida Spray Painted 50 Cyber Trucks

Earlier last month, more than 50 brand-new Cyber trucks were vandalized with spray paint.

A large metal SUV

Source: @PLagueTV/X

The ne’er-do-well’s wrote “F*** Elo!* on a fleet of the newest Tesla model. The company’s CEO, Elon Musk, has drawn harsh criticism of his behaviour and inability to keep promises of the Cyber truck’s performance.


EV Owners Worry About Further Vandalism

It’s not uncommon for the gas vs electric war to get personal. Many electric vehicle owners have complained of being harassed or treated unfairly by their gas-driving peers.

A woman in a white coat waits outside her EV while it charges

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Hopefully, the bad behaviour can end in the future so that EV drivers can go about their business in peace.