Woman Says She Got a Human Blood Sample in Her SHEIN Order

By: Sam Watanuki | Last updated: Apr 08, 2024

Imagine ordering clothes online and receiving something entirely unexpected. This happened to a woman in Tennessee who ordered from SHEIN, only to find a vial of human blood among her items. She recounted the finding on TikTok, stating, “So I just received a package from SHEIN that contained a vial of human blood from a testing company.”

Oddly, the vial had no identifying information other than the name of the testing company; no name, no doctor’s office, no date.

The Investigation Begins

Upon discovering the vial, the woman took action. She contacted the testing company, only to learn that such shipments should never end up with residents.

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“They don’t even ship to residents,” she said in the TikTok video. “They only ship blood back and forth between doctors.” It highlighted a serious mishandling issue, prompting an immediate response from various authorities, including the CDC, to treat the situation as a major biohazard.

Health Hazards and Immediate Actions

The accidental delivery of a human blood sample poses significant health risks. The woman did the right thing by not taking any chances.

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“We called the CDC. They’re aware of it, and they’re filing a report, and they’re looking into it because it’s a major biohazard,” she explained (via TikTok).

Law Enforcement Involvement

The local authorities were also quick to respond. “The sheriff’s department came, they took the vial, they’re gonna be testing it,” the woman said in the TikTok.

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This demonstrates the gravity of the situation, as local law enforcement took the potential threat seriously, ensuring that any health risks were promptly assessed and mitigated.

A Word of Caution to Others

This particular situation serves as a warning to others. She advises in the video, “If you receive a SHEIN package, especially one that’s in it, a FedEx, like if you’ve done express shipping, dump it out on the table and look at everything before you touch it.”

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This practical advice encourages consumers to be vigilant and cautious when receiving packages, particularly from online orders.

Skepticism and Social Media

The incident drew widespread attention on TikTok, but also skepticism. The woman never showed the blood vial in the video, leading some viewers to doubt the veracity of her claims.

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It raises questions about social media’s ability to spread unverified information and the responsibility of viewers to approach such stories with a critical eye.


The Safety Record of SHEIN

This incident adds to existing concerns about SHEIN’s products. In October 2021, CBC’s Marketplace reported elevated levels of lead and other hazardous chemicals in some SHEIN products.

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While SHEIN has promised improvements, incidents like these continue to raise questions about the safety and reliability of their products.


Response from SHEIN

Following the backlash and reports, SHEIN responded by stating they adhere to safety standards across various countries and have conducted over 160,000 chemical tests.

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“We are committed to the health and safety of our customers,” they said, highlighting their efforts to ensure product safety and consumer trust (via Snopes).


A Broader Look at Fast Fashion

This incident sheds light on broader issues within the fast fashion industry, known for cutting corners in safety, labor rights, and environmental impact (via Good on You).

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SHEIN’s rapid growth and vast inventory raise concerns about the sustainability and ethics of its business practices, mirroring wider industry problems.


The Human Cost

The controversy extends beyond just consumer safety; it touches on the rights and well-being of workers. Critics argue that SHEIN’s business model, which relies on low-cost labor, contributes to poor working conditions (via Sixth Tone).

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This raises important questions about the ethical consumption of fast fashion and the hidden human cost behind bargain deals.


Consumer Awareness and Responsibility

The incident underscores the importance of consumer awareness and the impact of our buying decisions.

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While it’s tempting to opt for fast, cheap fashion, consumers are increasingly urged to consider the ethical and environmental implications of their purchases.


A Call for Change

The story of an unexpected and hazardous delivery serves as a call to action for both companies and consumers. It reminds us of the need for transparency, accountability, and ethical practices in all aspects of the fashion industry.

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As consumers, we hold power in demanding better standards and supporting brands that prioritize safety, ethics, and sustainability.