‘World’s Oldest Mother’ Gives Birth at 70 Years Old

By: Georgia McKoy | Published: Feb 10, 2024

In Alewa, a village in north India, the birth of Naveen Lohan has captivated many. Her mother, Rajo Devi Lohan, became the world’s oldest first-time mother at the age of 70, challenging both biological norms and societal expectations.

This event has turned Alewa into a destination for those intrigued by this extraordinary story, blending the lines between science and societal norms.

Battling for Life

Following Naveen’s birth, Rajo faced life-threatening complications, a consequence of her IVF treatment and advanced age, The Guardian reports.

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Her determination to recover was fueled by her commitment to her daughter. Lohan credits her survival and recovery to the purpose and love Naveen brought into her life, demonstrating the profound impact of her daughter’s presence.

Defiance in the Face of Adversity

Lohan’s recovery involved defying medical advice to rest, choosing instead to return to her accustomed active lifestyle shortly after Naveen’s birth, The Daily Mail reports.

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“I am not used to resting and that’s why I could not help myself but work even after she was born. For me work is what I have done all my life,” Lohan explained.

The Long Wait for Parenthood

Lohan’s journey to motherhood was marked by a prolonged wait of over 40 years.

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She expressed the deep significance of Naveen’s arrival, stating, “We have waited for more than 40 years for this child.”

Navigating Social Pressures

The Guardian explains that before Naveen’s birth, Lohan and her husband Baba Ram faced considerable social pressure due to their childlessness.

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This societal stigma often led them to avoid public gatherings and endure unsolicited advice about their marriage. Lohan’s recount of their experience reflects the deep-rooted cultural expectations surrounding parenthood in their village.

A Community's Transformation

The arrival of Naveen has not only transformed her parents’ lives but also the village of Alewa. The community, previously indifferent, now celebrates the birth as a miraculous event, according to The Guardian.

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The change in perception demonstrates the impact of Naveen’s birth on local attitudes towards fertility and the advancements in medical science that made it possible.


Ensuring a Secure Future

Lohan is confident about Naveen’s future, emphasizing the support system in place for her daughter.

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She said, “Naveen does not need to worry about her future, she has her other mother, Umi, her uncles, relatives and father to look after her,” ensuring that Naveen will be well cared for and her inheritance secured.


A Step-Mother's Love

Umi, Naveen’s stepmother, plays a crucial role in her life, The Daily Mail notes.

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Her love and commitment to Naveen are evident as she promises to fill any void that might be left by Lohan’s eventual passing. She said, “Naveen is very dear to me, I can’t have her away from me for long. I will make sure that after her mother passes away, she will not miss out on that love and affection Rajo provides her.”


Preparing for School

The Daily Mail reports that Lohan actively participates in Naveen’s daily life, especially in preparing her for school each morning. Naveen’s education is a source of pride for her family, especially for Lohan, who sees her daughter’s schooling as a testament to their perseverance and love.

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Umi said, “Rajo is still the one who prepares her for the school in the morning – Naveen does not let me do it, she insists her mother will do it. She is very proud of Rajo and loves her dearly.”


Controversial IVF Treatment

Lohan’s decision to undergo IVF treatment at an advanced age sparked widespread debate regarding the ethics and implications of late-in-life motherhood, per information from The Guardian.

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The controversy highlights the complex considerations of such medical interventions.


A Mother's Determination to Survive

Lohan’s commitment to witnessing Naveen’s milestones, specifically her future marriage, illustrates her determination to overcome health challenges.

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She said, “The only reason I am still alive in spite of my illness is Naveen. She is a gift to me from God and until I get her married I cannot afford to die.”


The Family's Unwavering Support

Despite the initial controversy, Lohan’s family, including her husband and step-sister Umi, stands united in their love for Naveen. Lohan’s journey to motherhood was underpinned by a deep, lifelong yearning to be a mother, a dream that she held onto despite the doubts and warnings from medical professionals and others.

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She openly shared her feelings of longing, stating, “When I used to look around and see children, my heart felt sad that I couldn’t have one – I desperately wanted to have a child of my own. Everyone celebrated when she was born. The villagers were very happy and everyone came to see her.”