US Christians Rebel Against Important Conservative Ally in the Supreme Court

By: Lauren Fokas | Published: Jun 27, 2024

The US Supreme Court has nine justices at any one time, and although several of the current justices have faced public criticism, one seems to be making headlines more than any other.

Supreme Court Justice Sam Alito is in the hot seat, yet again, for his controversial comments about the United States. But it may come as a shock that, this time, it’s a Christian organization calling for the justice to resign.

Who Is Sam Alito?

Samuel Alito, or Sam, was nominated to become a member of the US Supreme Court in 2005 by then-President George W. Bush. At the time, Alito was considered extremely well qualified for the position by the American Bar Association and was generally understood to be a good choice by the American public.

The official photograph from 2006 of Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito

Source: Wikipedia

In 2006, even as a staunch Republican, Alito agreed that LGBTQ+ employment discrimination should be outlawed, and he even disavowed a conservative group he had formerly been a part of.

Supreme Court Justice Sam Alito Causing Controversy

However, over the past two decades, Alito has shown that he is certainly politically conservative, voting largely for the right-wing agenda. In fact, in 2013, he was called “one of the most conservative justices on the Court.”

A photograph of a US flag flying upside-down against a blue sky

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Alito’s conservative leanings have certainly led to controversy for the Supreme Court Justice. In 2021, protestors showed up outside his family home after learning that the Alitos were flying an upside-down American flag.

What Does the Upside-Down American Flag Mean?

Flying the US flag upside-down became popular in 2020 as a sign that a home or business supported Donald Trump and believed he had been cheated out of the presidency. Since then, it has become a sign of right-wing nationalism across the country.

Former president and candidate for 2024 Donald Trump speaks at an event

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After it became public knowledge that the upside-down flag was flying at the Alito residence, Americans erupted in frustration that one of their leaders was so clearly displaying his presidential preference. However, Sam’s wife, Martha-Ann, took full responsibility for the flag to quell the millions of citizens’ concerns about her husband’s involvement.

The Alitos Have Also Been Caught Flying the “Appeal to Heaven” Flag

Even after this significant controversy, the Alito family decided to fly the “Appeal to Heaven” flag from their New Jersey vacation home in 2023.

Two people hold “An Appeal to Heaven” flag at a Trump rally

Source: Reddit

The “Appeal to Heaven” flag was originally a sign of rebellion among New England colonists, but today, it represents the far-right movement and support of Donald Trump. So, it seems Sam and Martha-Ann Alito have either not learned their lesson or simply don’t care that they are alienating and offending millions of Americans.

Supreme Justice Sam Alito Is in Trouble… Again

Now, Supreme Court Justice Sam Alito is in trouble again, this time for comments he made regarding the “godliness” of the United States.

A photograph of Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito smiling at an event

Source: @The Heritage Foundation/YouTube

An audio clip of Alito speaking has been leaked to the public, and his comments are unquestionably controversial. In the clip, Alito says that the United States should be “a place for godliness” and that he plans to keep fighting to return America to its Christian values.


Faithful America Has Spoken Out Against Justice Alito

In response to the audio clip, Faithful America, a Christian organization that fights against Christian Nationalism, has spoken out against the Supreme Court Justice.

The logo for the Faithful America organization against a black and white photograph of a church

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The popular organization argues that “Jesus’ message of good news is hijacked by the religious right to serve a hateful political agenda.” While they believe wholeheartedly in the Christian faith, they say the US government has been misusing the religion to allow social injustice.


Church and State Should Remain Separate

Additionally, the religious organization is fighting for church and state to remain separate, as they believe Christianity has no role in the US government.

Two hands are pushing the Bible and the American flag away from each other, signifying the separation of church and state

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Therefore, Justice Alito’s comments go against their core mission statement, and because he so clearly believes that America should once again be ruled by Christian beliefs, he doesn’t deserve to work in government.


Faithful America Is Calling for Alito’s Resignation

Faithful America now has a petition on its homepage, asking Americans to sign up and help kick Alito out of the Supreme Court. They wrote, “Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito was caught on tape last week saying he ‘agrees’ that the United States must return to a place of ‘godliness.’ Justice Alito must resign.”

A screenshot of the petition for Justice Alito to resign from the Faithful America website


As of June 18, 2024, more than 16,600 people had signed the petition, and more Americans are adding their names every day.


Justice Alito Also Said, “One Side or the Other Is Going to Win”

In addition to his proclamation that the United States needs to return to “godliness,” Supreme Court Justice Alito also said, “There can be a way of working, a way of living together peacefully, but it’s difficult, you know because there are differences on fundamental things that really can’t be compromised. One side or the other is going to win.”

Two boxing gloves with depictions of the Democratic donkey and the Republican elephant fighting

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Essentially, declaring that there is no compromise between the Democratic and Republican parties or the Christian and non-Christian Americans. One side will win, and it’s very clear which side Alito is rooting for.


Are Supreme Court Justices Supposed to Be Bipartisan?

Overall, American support of its Supreme Court Justices is at an all-time low. These nine judges are supposed to uphold the Constitution and laws of the United States, but as one article noted, “the high court is deciding cases on politics, rather than law.”

A photograph of an open Christian Bible on an American flag

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Supreme Court Justices have always been members of either the Republican or Democratic party and, therefore, were never truly bipartisan. However, historically, they judged cases based on the law, not on how they voted. But now, that seems to have changed.


Is America a Christian Nation?

People around the world, and even American citizens, are confused as to whether or not the United States is technically a Christian nation. The First Amendment of the US Constitution states, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof,” essentially ensuring that all religions are accepted throughout the country.

A wooden Christian cross atop an American flag

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However, the Founding Fathers were mostly members of the Christian faith, the pledge of allegiance mentions God, and Congress has always been overwhelmingly Christian. But millions of Americans, including those within the Faithful America organization, argue the nation should keep religion and government separate, and they will continue to fight against leaders who say otherwise.